I got an email recently from one my customers. I admire this guy because he told his sales prospect…

If this purchase is being based on price alone, I’m walking now.

That my friend is the essential attitude that will bring you success in selling.

How many times have you said this to a prospect?

How many times have you wanted to say this to a prospect, but didn’t?

If you have to say something like this, chances are you are not on the path to get the deal.

Here’s the full story from Lonnie, what caused him to challenge his prospect like this, and what happened…

Some time back, you wrote something about customers being liars.  Boy, I have experienced this recently.  A recent prospect was focused on a specific type of product of mine – it was down to me and one other company they had previous relationships with.  I had told prospect ‘If this purchase is being based on price alone, I’m walking now.’ He stated it is not ( but the competition is famous for dropping their pants after we come in with proposal.) 

I told the prospect that I would only give one final proposal if he committed to the concept of each company presenting final offer one time.  He agreed.  Then he stated he was attending "The Trade Show" which is the largest venue in United States for this type of equipment. He said he would make his decision at the show."

Well, he signed order with competition before show without ever seeing my proposal. Where can I improve on these situations?"

Hey, Lonnie did an excellent job here. The prospect was obviously going to use his proposal to negotiate a better deal with his current supplier.

By challenging him like this, Lonnie didn’t get the deal, but he did get to a No with less wasted sales effort. And that is a big part of being successful in sales – not wasting time with people who aren’t going to do biz with you.

As for what Lonnie could have done better?

I would have insisted that the customer to give me a prioritized list of decision critireria, and I would have challenged the prospect as to why he wouldn’t just do biz with the company he already had a relationship with.

The essential tactic at this point is to get the prospect to sell you the salesman on why you should expend your time and energy with him, because from your perspective, it makes sense for the prospect to just do biz with the company he already knows. Make the prospect persuade you that this is not true, or you walk away.

Some people say it takes a set of stones to sell this way.

I say you get a bigger set of stones when you start selling this way.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Start putting into practice my persuasive selling skills, and not only will you get a bigger set of stones, you’ll fatten your wallet up too.