Prospects need to have motivation to purchase.

They need to have strong motivation.

Otherwise they will find something else to do.

It’s human nature.

This is why people are more motivated by the fear of losing something they already have than anything else.

People will do more to avoid losing something than they will to gain something that they want.

Most of us are this way. And it’s not easy for us to admit this. I am this way too.

I went to a public meeting last night at my local city hall. I normally don’t go to such meetings, I usually have something better to do, even if its just watching Tee Vee.

But last night I was motivated to fight to save something, I was motivated to avoid losing something. Seems a few loud people in the county I live in want to ban fireworks on Independence Day.

I love lighting off fireworks on Independence Day. So I was very motivated to go and speak up to protect my right.

And the people opposed to me are motivated to save something too. They believe that lighting off fireworks puts their home at risk. So they are motivated to try and  ban fireworks  because they want to save the home from a fire.

Everyone in this little political drama, in my little California town of Grass Valley is motivated into action out of fear of losing something.

Losing fun.

Losing one’s home.

Losing a feeling of patriotic pride.
Nobody is going to gain in this fight. Somebody is going to lose something.

And many, many decisions are all about this. We are hard-wired to fight to protect things that we like that we have already gained. We will fight harder to save something than we will go gain something that we’ve never had.

I think this may be partly because once we had something that we like, we have emotions around it that are stronger and deeper and that motivates us to want to continue to have and experience those emotions and feelings.

The strongest motivator you have in persuasion is to connect your product with eliminating a pain, a problem or a fear of losing something that someone really wants.

That is the key to motivating your prospects.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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