Selling is about relationships.

Frequent communication and contact is one aspect of building relationships, and probably the most obvious at a surface level.

But on another level, what takes a relationship deeper is revealing more about you.

Most salespeople are real good about presenting a polished image.

We spend a lot of bux on our cars, our clothes, and we like to eat and hang out at nice places.

This image IS important, as it helps to establish us as high quality and reputable.

But, presenting this image also has a downside. And that downside is that it makes us seem different from our prospects.

People want to do business with high quality, reputable companies. But first and foremost, people do business with sales and business people who understand them.

As you are questioning, discovering, and probing your prospects about their wants, needs, and desires, you also need to be revealing more about yourself and your company.

You see relationships require reciprocity, a give and take, to go deeper.

The salesman who always has his clothes, his mannerisms, and his enunciation of every word perfect just doesn’t come across as *real* to his prospects. He’s too perfect, which seems false, insincere, and untrustworthy to most prospects.

So if you feel like "just another salesman" too often around your prospects, it might be because you *are*. You might be letting your image get in the way of building a real relationship with your prospect.

Drop your guard a bit, open yourself up some more, don’t worry about being perfect.

Just be real.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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