This past Saturday I went skiing.

Frankly I am not the most outgoing person. I never have been. But I have also found that being "outgoing" is not the most necessary skill to be successful.

But if you do have the gift of gab, the ease of talking with anyone, then bully for you.

A friend of mine went skiing with me. We had our 6 year old daughters with us, so we weren’t exactly tearing up the mountain.

Due to experience levels in skiing, my daughter skied with me, and my friend’s daughter took a lesson.

The early season snow was frankly kinda crummy this weekend for my buddy and me as we are long time skiers. So at 3pm when I took my daughter in for a hot chocolate, I found my buddy already in the bar talking up a storm with some dude.

Well turns out he’d been there for awhile and had already met a major investor in some tech company and he also met a woman who a owned celebrity networking bar in Tahoe City where B-List celebs go and the general public (i.e. you and me pal) pays a hefty fee (fifteen dollarooney cocktails plus fifty bux cover) to drink and rub elbows with them.

Business is everywhere, if you just get out there and try and find it.

Heck I wouldan’t thought of networking in the bar whilst I was up teaching my daughter how to ski.

But then again I am old enough that I am still dumbfounded every time I can go into a bar with my kid and they don’t yell at me to get out (used to be kids weren’t welcome around booze and bars folks).

The lesson is that business is all around you. All you got to do is open your eyes, your mouth and your ears.

Talk to someone and you’ll be surprised at what you might find.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Having an open mind is the start, knowing how to act is the second part. My rapport skills sales training courses show you how to instantly bond and get the trust of anyone in any situation. Sounds crazy I know, but you gotta try it.