Sales is really pretty damn simple.

Problem is our conditioning messes it up, and makes it hard for a lot of people.

People purchase things that get them their wants.

Noticed that I said that they purchase things that get them their wants.

That is different from someone acquiring something that he wants.

Everything that people purchase is a means to an end. That end is the want.

The want to feel good.

The want to be happy.

The want to feel capable.

The want to feel secure.

The want to feel excited.

The want to feel wanted.

The want to feel loved.

The want to feel…anything.

No one starts out wanting a new computer system. Or a new car. Or new office furniture. Or a new cleaning service. Or a new … whatever.

People want these things in their business and personal lives because they discover that these things are a means to an end. To feeling the way they want to.

This is true, but 99% of the world is unaware of this. They just think that they want what they want.

Personalizing the sale then is your job if you are responsible for direct selling; for selling one-on-one to live people that is.

When you discover someone’s wants you hold the key to making a sale AND to helping someone through the act of selling to them.

Personalizing the sale means to tailor it to your individual prospect with your knowledge of their wants.

That is showing them how your stuff helps them get their wants, not just some generic bene’s that some generic imaginary customer could get from your stuff.

Discover the wants. Tailor the pitch. And selling is easy.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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