As I watched him swing his body rapidly up to a handstand, back down through the rings, up to a handstand, and back down again over and over, I sat in awe.

I don’t watch sports much, but certain feats of strength and focus are a powerful experience to watch.

Last night I watched a movie about a gymnast called "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" (I read the book about 10 years ago as well).

This gymnast’s favorite routine was the rings exercise. He was good at this. Really good.

He could spin his body through rings those like he was freakin Spiderman.

And at every instant he was focused only on what he was doing in that moment.

If he was spinning to a handstand, then he was focused on the muscle movements to execute a handstand.

If he was holding his body flat and horizontal, then his focus was on the muscle tension required to hold his body flat and horizontal.

What struck me about watching and contemplating the intricacies of the gymnast’s movements was the danger in focusing on anything else but the exact move he was doing at that split second instant.

If he started thinking ahead, say thinking ahead about how he was going to dismount instead of powering up to a handstand or holding his body flat that would take his focus off of the particular muscle movements he was doing in the moment, and could cause him to fall.

Stay in the moment.

That was the lesson of the movie, and a good reminder for me that I wanted to share with you.

There is only right now.

Focus on what you are doing right now, and do it well.

If you are on a questioning a prospect, giving a sales presentation, or about to ask for a commitment and you start thinking ahead as to how much this deal means to you, or to what could go wrong, or to what went wrong in your past, then you are going to be able to give your best to your selling.

And this could cost you.

So for today, for this morning, just for now, focus on what you are doing as you do it. Pay attention, and do whatever must be done well.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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