Sometimes people have strong biases against you before you ever speak a word with them.

Anyone marketing real estate right now is in a position where the biases are against them.

Against them because people widely believe that the direction of the real estate market is down, and will be for awhile. It doesn’t matter whether this belief is right or not (so don’t complain to me about this if you are in that business).

When there is an issue that comes up again, and again, and again, you better have a plan to deal with it up front at the beginning of any sales or prospecting conversation you will have.

Today I heard an ad on the radio today that tried to address this bias that people have towards the home purchase market.

It was an ad for new homes near where I live.

The announcer said…

Despite what you hear in the national news, now is a really good time to buy a home…

Ha, ha. At least you gotta give them points for trying. Unfortunately this was a weak attempt to address an important bias against them.

Just saying that your prospect’s concern is really nothing to be concerned about at all just doesn’t cut it with most people though.

Instead what they should’ve done was come up with a plausible reason to backup their assertion that "now is a good time".

For example, maybe they could have claimed that loans might become harder to get, so that "you better move now" before things get worse. I don’t know if that would’ve worked or not as that is not my field of expertise. But they didn’t do anything to back up their claim. They just talked down to me and told me that I was stupid for reading the newspaper and watching too much TV.

That’s not the way to win.
It’s a tough sell for these guys. I don’t envy them.

Faced with difficult bias against you from the start though, you gotta come up with strong reason to counter why that issue shouldn’t matter.

Just ignoring it, or telling your prospects to ignore it like this radio ad did, isn’t going to work.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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