If you are running into the same sales objections over and over, then you are doing something wrong.

The good news is that you can fix it.

Excuses and objections mean that you haven’t gotten the prospect emotionally involved in the sale.

He doesn’t care, so he comes up with an excuse.

And that means you didn’t do your job.

I got this email awhile back from one of my readers in Canada who sells media packaging services all over the world. He’s particularly frustrated with selling to the English.

Big Ass Disclaimer: I have many English customers and friends which I like greatly. The email quote below is NOT my opinion of the English, it is André’s (so don’t come back yellin at me if you don’t like what he said)…

The English are people of tradition, once they adopted a product they wont change even if technology has advanced and they look like dinosaurs; they are people of honor, so if they feel buying your product will fade the luster of their honor because of their previous decision to buy another product, they will not buy from you even if the budget is available.

-André Pion, Sales Director

Whenever an objection occurs over and over, you gotta come up with a plan to handle it up front.

In this case, I would first find and stir up their pain and their emotions using pain probing persuasive questions.

Then, once I found their pain, got them into an emotional state, and qualified that there was a valid possibility of them needing and wanting my product, then and only then would I tell them that I was afraid that they were much more honorable than I.

I would play up how honorable other English prospects had been with me in the past, I would tell them how it was admirable, and then I point out the consequences of such loyalty (e.g. the consequences of not purchasing anew or of switching vendors).

Finally I would ask if they were the type of person that would put loyalty over their best business interests.

All decisions are rooted in emotion. Objections happen when you don’t get the prospect emotional enough to want what you are selling. So in this case they stay with their feelings of loyalty.

Get them emotional and find a strong want first though, and you can have a discussion that will get the prospect to overcome his own objection.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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