How do you get more trust than the other guy?

Than the other guys that you are competing with?

Trust is about believability.

You can become trustworthy and believable when you know A LOT about what you sell. Sales reps with lots and lots of product knowledge tend to be more believable than ones who don’t know their products that well.

Even more credible are sales reps who know a lot about how actual customers use their products. Customer sales stories are a very strong way to communicate value and develop trust.

You develop trust when you show product and customer knowledge because your prospect thinks that you understand him better and that you are more like him.

This is why sales reps who have job experience similar to the people they sell to have lots of credibility and are trusted more by their prospects.

That is the essence of trust.

When your prospects sense that you are like them. That they think that you have similar experiences, thoughts, likes and dislikes as they do.

This is all well and good.

How do you get more trust than your competition?

Well the more experienced you gain in your industry, the more trust you will be able to get by default.

This can take years though.

You can speed up your ability to gain trust faster, with more people quite easily though. I already revealed the secret to you above.

Did you see it?

The secret to getting more trust, with more people, faster, is to have your prospect perceive that you are like him.

And you do this by pacing, or mirroring your prospect.

When you mirror your prospect, he reacts unconsciously and thinks that you are like him. It is impossible for your prospect to not think this unconsciously when done right.

Some people think this is BS. Some ridicule the notion of matching hand gestures and leg-crossing in meetings. That is just a fraction of what mirroring someone is all about.

Pacing and mirroring can happen many different levels. Language, voice, behavior, dress, values and beliefs, common interests.

Pacing and mirroring is something you already do, some of the time, very naturally without thinking about it.

Natural sales people do this naturally. It’s a strategy they’ve learned in life unconsciously to get more people to like them.

You too can learn how to take control of this skill that you currently use on a part-time basis, and turn it on at will.

I cover this extensively in my rapport skills course included in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Go check it out now and discover how to turn this skill on at will.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown