I love seeing a good sales effort, don’t you?

This weekend my wife got a phone call.

It was a sales rep from some yellow page directory.

Normally my wife woulda brushed the guy off pretty fast, or not even answered the call in the first place. Particularly during business hours on a weekday.

But she was puttering around her home office on a Saturday, filing, organizing papers, etc. So she didn’t mind talking.

Now my wife owns her own business, so this actually was a business sales call to her home office number.

The rep was pitching her about getting her website listed in their directory service. She listened and talked with him for some time.

After awhile she asked him…

Why did you call me on a Saturday?

And the sales rep answered…

Because business people answer their phones on the weekend.

Normally a telemarketer calling our house isn’t an event to tell you about. But event had a lesson in it.

This guy was smart enough and creative enough to try different things. He got creative when other reps in his business are whining and complaining and giving up and quitting.

I love a good sales effort, and if this guy keeps it up, he’s sure to do well in his sales career.

I’ve been recommending this tactic for years to anyone who needs to cold call as way of getting new prospects. Weekends may be right for your to call your prospects. Early mornings or late evenings might be better. The point is to get creative in your approach.

You won’t get through to everyone. In fact you’ll only ever get through to a small number of your prospects. Which is why cold calling is challenging.

And in fact cold calling may not be right for your industry – but in some industries it can be very effective. And for reaching some prospects and decision-makers, the phone sometime maybe the best way.

This sales rep demonstrates that you can succeed if you are willing to think and act differently than the other reps who complain about not enough leads or having a crappy territory.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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