One of the principles of Persuasive Selling is that you can’t sell someone something that they don’t want.

This presents a dilemma for you if you want to sell to more prospects than just those few that contact you asking to purchase your product.

The temptation is to tell people about all the great things about your product.

And that temptation is the source of your dilemma.

People don’t want your product, whatever your product is.

People want what your product can do for them, they want the end result that your product can give them.

People want to eliminate or minimize they pain they are having in some area of their personal or business lives.

But what if prospects don’t come to you asking you to eliminate their pain with your product?

Or what if your product is new, and people don’t even know it exists?

I got an email asking me such a question the other day…

You keep going on about pain!  What pain would someone have if I’m ringing them up trying to get them to buy something that they have not asked for as I’m very confused?

-Michaela Campbell

Sometimes people don’t have a pain until you show them that they do.

When the prospect is not aware of your product, or any type of product like yours, you need to get the prospect to see what they are missing out on.

You do this by asking if they are experiencing similar results that people who use your product are experiencing.

A good example right now is Apple’s new iPhone.

With an iPhone, you can send an email and have a phone conversation simultaneously. For serious multitaskers, this represents a time savings.

Previous digital gadgets didn’t allow this multi-tasking capability. People had no pain in this area because no device offered such a multi-tasking capability.

Once the iPhone became available, people who heard about is new multi-tasking capabilities wanted it, and they now had a pain that they didn’t have before.
Apple created a pain where none existed before in the emotions of digital multi-taskers.

And you can do the same. People won’t ask about what you have, until they know that you have something that solves a problem for them.

And sometimes they won’t even know that they have a problem, until you open up the gap and show them what they are missing.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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