Yesterday I heard 5 painful words that jarred my brain.

I was writing at my desk, and my daughter was playing a computer math game nearby in my office. In the math game, the characters were acting out some kind of store game (with people selling stuff), and that’s when I heard these awful 5 words…

The Customer is Always Right.

5 words.

5 words that ruin sales careers.

Think I am being a little over the top?

Well here’s the problem. Clichés like this always start out based in truth. Times change though and the original meaning gets twisted, lost, and forgotten.

Assume for a minute that your prospects are *always* right.

And let’s say that they don’t want to give you the bux that you are asking for your stuff.

Are they right? Should you just give them whatever deal they want, just because they ask for it?

Of course not.

Your job is to help your prospect see the importance of the differences between the bux you are asking and what your competitors are asking.

This nasty little cliché though nags inside you for being a bad guy when you don’t give him the deal that he wants.

What about the prospect who dictates how you are going to sell to him?

He’s gonna decide what you are going to do, when you are going to do it, and he is going to watch and orchestrate you and your competitors in his own private little show.

He’s not gonna tell you much about what he wants, about how the decision will be made, about what kind of bux he has, or about who else they are looking at besides you.

Is that really what you want to do (maybe you are letting some or all of this happen now)?



You know I am right on this. But those 5 nasty words have been fighting you and me for years.

A lot of sales people are struggling because of this. And they aren’t in for long sales careers as long as the fight continues inside of them.

Ironically the original meaning of "The Customer Is Always Right" is still true today.

It simply means don’t sell your prospect something they don’t want.

It never meant…

Let Prospects Have Their Way All the Time.

Your prospects are right about their wants. You aren’t going to change those very easily.

Give them their wants with your selling, just don’t let them control the sale. Giving up control is a sure way to consistently close only 30, 20 or 10% of your deals, which ultimately will make for a short sales career.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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