A business friend of mine told me the other day how he liked my philosophy of not sucking up in business to get more sales.

I couldn’t agree more.

My attitude towards business and sales shifted massively for the better when I got sick and tired of all the sucking up I used to do, and decided to sell and do business on my own terms.

Here’s a short list of the strategies that I adopted that allowed me to stop sucking up to make sales…

1 – Declare Your Expertise – You must know specifically what you and your company are good at and who will perceive you that way. This applies whether you are a sales rep or a business owner yourself.
2 – Prove Yourself – You must demonstrate proof that are worth what you say you are and that you can deliver on your promises. Customer case studies, stories, and testimonials can serve to do this very well.

3 – Be High Value, Not Low-Cost
– Price is not a sustainable advantage. People want good value, and most will put out extra bux for it when it is truly there.

4 – Market Your Expertise – Get your message out to potential prospects via as much media as your prospects watch, read, and listen to. Ads, mail, phone calls, email, blogs, etc. Get them to find out about you and come to you when they are in need.

5 – Make Prospects Sell You – With interested prospects coming to you, you must then entice people to *sell you* on why you should select them as a client or customer.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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