I hear all kinds of reasons why people go into sales.

And I myself have thought of a number of reasons why I got into sales.

You know reasons like I want money, I like public speaking, I like people, blah, blah.

Ultimately though there was one overriding reason why I became a salesman.

And that reason is freedom.

Freedom to do what I want, when I want.

I suspect that this is big motivator for many other sales people as well, perhaps even for you.

8 years ago, I went into business for myself. I moved out of "the big city" of San Francisco, and got myself a nice house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Now I live just minutes from some of the most beautiful outdoor adventure areas in the world. And today, I am leaving to go backpacking with a few of my buddies. Our location is secret; don’t ask me where I am going because I won’t tell you.

I will have a great time though. This’ll be my third year doing this with my friends here.

We don’t do a big hike, but we do carry waaaayyyy too much stuff. Our goal is to have as many over the top food and beverage luxuries as possible that we can carry far enough to feel like we are remote, but not so far that we kill our barely in shape 40+ year old man-frames doing it.

Last year we BBQ’d a prime rib roast over an open fire using a Manzanita branch for a spit. Here’s a pic of me and my buddy Andrew spitting the roast onto the branch…

Spitting a Rib Roast onto a Manzanita Branch

This year, we’ll be doing a leg of lamb, plus some other crazy things like iced cocktails in the mountains. I’ll show you some photos next week when I get back (but only if you ask nicely of course)

The salesman’s life is one of the best. I am thankful that I discovered it by accident at a young age.

And I am thankful that I learned sometimes through planning, and sometimes through random chance, how to make the kind of money that gives me the freedom some people only dream of.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll certainly be enjoying mine.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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