What do you do when a sales prospect won’t make a decision?

I got asked this question just yesterday…

Say you have great rapport and a good relationship with a prospect, and you know the prospect wants your product or service.  You have tried everything, and you know you have the right product for the prospect, at the right price, with the right features, and have eliminated objections.  But the prospect just can’t/won’t say yes.  He is not a decisive decision maker due to fear, or procrastination, or what ever. For the life of him, he can not commit to the purchase even though everything is favorable to him.

Is there anything else that you can do to seal the deal and/or force commitment? Reverse psychology? Switch gears to really high pressure at risk of somewhat deteriorating the "great" relationship? Or do you just let the customer go?

First and most importantly, if a prospect won’t make a decision, then you made an error in selling up to that point.

The error was in not getting a commitment to make a decision early on in the sales process.

Sales people give their value away all the time without getting anything in return.

Every sales interaction is a trade, a negotiation. Or at least it is when it is done right. With every interaction there is a chance for you to ask for a commitment of some kind in return for giving a presentation, or a proposal, or a demo, or references, or whatever.

That commitment might be simply to make a clear yes or no decision. Or it might be to introduce you to a higher decision maker. The commitment you request depends on what you are selling and your sell cycle, but you gotta ask for something.

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If you did muff it and fail to secure a commitment before giving the customer what he asked for there is still something that you can do.

What can you do is remind the person of why they said they wanted to purchase in the first place.

IF you did a good job questioning for pain and found the emotional reasons driving their desire for what you sell, then it is a simple matter to remind them of those emotional reasons.

Often times the act of reminding them of their pain and getting them emotional again will get them back into a more decisive and action-oriented frame of mind.

People who won’t make a decision are either forgetting the reason why they started looking in the first place or they have a bigger issue weighing on their minds.

And that bigger issue may not be one that you can overcome.

Which is why helping prospects to sort out their priorities before you commit a lot of your own time to the sale is one of the biggest things you can do to cut down on time-wasters and deal only with prospects that can and will make a decision.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown