Some people are big believers in sales scripts.

I think that they have their place. Sales scripts are like training wheels. When you first start out you need them.

But if you are going to do serious battle in sales, you gotta be able to drop the training wheels, and use your instincts and your mind to win the deal.

That’s why I don’t sell scripts.

I could never create a script, or scripts, that could cover every possible sales scenario that comes up.

Instead, I have found that the best approach is to show people how to think strategically and develop their minds so that they know the right thing to do in the middle of the fight…

  • Like knowing how to always get control over a sales call at the start no matter how quiet or talkative the prospect is, nor how passive or authoritarian the prospect is, or how inflated the title of the person you are calling on is.
  • Like knowing how to find the problems, magnify the emotions, and twist the hot knife of pain until they are screaming for relief from their problems. 
  • Like knowing how to get a commitment and trade it for something the prospect wants every time you make a sales call. 
  • Like knowing how to expect, plan against, and manage around the small (and sometimes large) lies that your prospects tell you. 
  • Like knowing when to cut and run from a deal because its just not a good fit for you or your company.

When you know the nature of the battle to come, when you know the nature of your enemies, that’s when you can start thinking strategically. You can use your brain and think on your feet to make the right moves that will give you a 90% success rate.

No, I don’t sell sales scripts.

I do sell how to think like a warrior and win.

Check out my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now. You can cut through a lot of the crap that’s been mushing up your brain and start thinking like a battle tough warrior now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown