You rarely see this.

Straight up selling in a corporate commercial.

Last night I saw this commercial for Samuel Adams Beer.

This was a bit different from their other commercials that I have seen.

In this one, they actually did two feature-benefit pitches.

The first part was for brown glass bottles.

The second feature was for pry off caps.

What I really liked was how they made this important to you, the beer drinker.

They focused on what happens to the beer if these two features are not used. Without naming any competitors, they pointed out how a beer bottled in a clear or green bottle, or having a twist off cap was likely to taste "skunky".


Who wants to drink skunky beer?

I thought this was a great example of how to pitch a potential benefit and slam the competition at the same time.

They discussed how the brown glass bottles let less light get through than does a clear bottle, or a green bottle. Light getting to the beer changes affects the beer and makes it taste skunky.

The pry off caps give a tighter seal than do screw off caps. A poorly sealed beer bottle could let air get in. And if air gets in then guess what? Skunky beer again.

Now I am not a big advocate of just pitching feature-bene’s at as many prospects as possible.

But you should know the most common bene’s that your customers typically appreciate. You should know the problems that would cause them to appreciate your bene’s. And you should look for ones that simultaneously point out a competitive weakness.

When have this knowledge, you can then question to find out which problems and concerns a prospect might have, and you can then tailor your discussion to how you can do something about their problems better than your competitors can.

The neat thing about what Samuel Adams Beer did is that even though many of their competitors also use brown bottles and pry-off caps, Samuel Adams gets the credit for it because they talked about it.

Sometimes just saying what you might think is obvious, but that no one else is actually talking about can give you the edge.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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