It’s a great thing to find a product that you really like to sell.

It makes selling so much more fun, and so much easier.

Prospects can sense your enthusiasm for what you sell.

Properly used and timed, enthusiasm is an energy that can help you close more deals.

People respond to your conviction.

Your enthusiasm can make you more believable, credible, and trustworthy, when displayed *at the right time*.

Misused, mistimed, or overdone though, enthusiasm can kill a budding deal fast.
Your prospects are looking for someone they can trust.

And they badly want to trust you.

But they also figure that they can’t trust you.

I reckon this comes from too many sales people who don’t listen well or ask enough questions.

Sales people who aren’t paying attention to what the prospect is thinking and feeling, and get all excited and enthused about what they are talking about, send a bad message out.

The message sent out is that the sales person doesn’t care about the prospect.

You have a delicate balancing act in selling. You have to watch and notice what your prospects are thinking and feeling. You have to empathize with and match their thoughts and feelings at appropriate times.

You also need to lead your prospect from a place of uncertainty about what to do, to a place of confidence that he can solve his problem and/or get what he wants by using your product.

Get too enthusiastic too soon, and you send the message that you are just pushing your product. Your enthusiasm appears fake, not real, just an act you put on to "sell".

But when you take the time to understand your prospect’s thoughts, feelings, problems, wants, and desires BEFORE you get enthusiastic, you have the chance to gain your prospect’s trust.

Once you have their trust, then you can display your enthusiasm that they will solve their problem and/or get what they want with your product. And that is a more genuine, prospect-focused enthusiasm.

It’s the kind of enthusiasm your prospect can and will share in.

You can pace yourself better.

You need to listen and pay attention to your prospects. Just because the last prospect you sold got excited about a certain feature of your product doesn’t mean that this one will.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown