Fear is one of the biggest causes of failure in selling.

Fear causes you to get tight, tense up, and withdraw inside of yourself.

And your prospects are just like dogs – they can sense your fear.

They know how to take advantage of you. A scared sales rep is sooo easy to brush off. Getting rid of a sales rep filled with fear is like flicking a piece of lint off your jacket.

A monstrous part of success in selling, business, and life comes down to managing your emotions.

When it comes to approaching prospects, one of the easiest ways to eliminate your fear, to manage your emotions, is to stop thinking about yourself and put all your focus on your prospect.

When you tune yourself to listen, notice, and observe everything they are doing, it automatically takes your mind and your focus out of yourself and onto your prospect.

This alone will help you sell better.

It does so because your subconscious takes over and begins to align you with your prospect’s thought, feelings and actions.

And when you get into flow, and let your subconscious guide you, what happens is that you naturally start to fall into rapport with your prospect.

Sales defense shields are only an illusion. They are there if you expect them to be there.believe they will be there.

And they appear to be strongest when the prospect you are speaking with behaves the most differently from you. The more differences there are in their mindset, how aggressive or passive they are, how quiet or loud they are, how fast or slow they are, the more difficultly you will likely have connecting with and selling to them.

Combine theses differences with a attitude that connecting with sales prospects is hard, and you have the formula for how "Sales Defense" shields are created.

They are created by fearful sales reps.

I myself sold for years before I figured out that I was responsible for creating the defense shields many of my prospects put up.

Then I learned how to use my flexibility. I learned more about how people’s brains work, what we are attracted to, and what we are repelled by.

And I discovered that the more I can be like someone else, the more that person is apt to like me.

Simple idea. You’ve probably heard it before. But unless you’ve experienced how to take this idea and push yourself ten or even a hundred times more than you ever thought you could or should, then you aren’t getting even a fraction of the results you should be getting from it.

I learned almost ten years ago how to get nearly anyone to like me. It’s a skill I have and can use whenever I want to and whenever it suits my purpose (not that I always do though – I am often a real pain in the arse because I like to be).
Of all the sales and persuasion skills I know, getting anyone to like me when I want to is one of the 2 or 3 most important and powerful in my sales arsenal.

Anyway I highly suggest that you learn this too. I have both audio and video training on sales rapport that will help you break down and eliminate your prospects sales defenses. You can get them right now be listening in just minutes with my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. Go get yours here now…

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus