Questioning and probing skills are popular here at Industrial EGO Sales because most of my readers are interested in honing their one on one selling abilities.

Here’s a list of 10 Persuasive Questioning Dos and Don’ts suitable for pinning on the wall above the phone or carrying in a binder to review before each sales call.

  1. Do ask questions to direct the sales process. He who asks the questions is in control. He who is responding is well… responding.
  2. Don’t get diarrhea of the mouth about who you are and why you are so great.
  3. Do get your prospect emotional about their problems and/or wants. All action is rooted in emotion.
  4. Don’t let your prospect stay in an intellectual frame of mind before asking for a commitment. Intellectual discussions are safe and no one buys in an intellectual state.
  5. Do challenge prospects who challenge you. Requests like "Tell us why we should do business with you" are a challenge. Reverse the challenge and take control of the sales call.
  6. Don’t let the prospect take control when you do answer their question. Regain control by always asking a new question as you finish answering a question.
  7. Do challenge vague statements and responses to your questions. Always probe deeper for the real reasons and emotions that drive your prospect.
  8. Don’t accept incomplete answers or assume you know what is meant. There is always an opportunity to get the prospect emotional by getting them to talk more about their problems or wants.
  9. Do act confused when in doubt about what to say. You’ll get a chance to ask more questions to clarify your "confusion".
  10. Don’t talk too much – Shut up instead. You’ll learn more about your prospect that you can use to drive your sale forward.

Good questioning, probing and sales control skills are essential for success in one-on-one selling. Keep these 10 dos and don’ts in mind and you’ll get to get to the emotional heart of every deal much faster than your competition will who are still asking vague open-ended-questions.

You’ll find more info here on how to use these 10 dos and don’ts in one-on-one selling.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown