I used to think listening to self-help tapes and CDs in the car was dorky.

I remember the first time I ran into someone who listened to self-help stuff in the car. His name was David and he was a member of the sales team I was on back in my early years of selling.

He told me about all kinds of stuff he would listen to on audio tape while driving (back in the early 90’s most audio learning was by tape, not by CD).

The whole idea sounded a little weird and kind of boring to me.

I never even listened to talk radio at the time. I listened to rock and roll man!  I loved to crank up the volume till it was so loud I could feel the bass pumping in my bones.

And it was fun listening to all that loud music.

I missed out on something though.

I missed out on many hours of education that I didn’t (and couldn’t) get in school that I could have been getting in my car.

About 10 years ago that changed for me. A buddy of mine named Warren turned me on to some motivational CDs that he was listening too. I heard some things I had never heard before, but really resonated with me as true. I started listening more and more and eventually bought a set of those CDs for myself.

That was the beginning of a chain of events that led me to starting Industrial EGO Sales and eventually sending out emails like this to you and 27,000+ other sales people around the world today.

I think what flipped for me was that I realized that I couldn’t learn everything on my own through trial and error. I had small stacks of books at home that I had bought and never read, or barely started and never finished

Sound familiar at all?

Audio learning worked for me because I could walk around the house or go for a run with headphones on, and I could listen while driving in the car. I found that I could get through 5-10 CDs in just a couple of weeks, and I had learned more than if I had read 2 or 3 books (which was something that I just wasn’t willing to carve out the time to do).

Anyway I share this with you because it was an important factor in my development as an entrepreneur and business owner. The skills you need just aren’t taught to you in school, and they take too long to learn on your own through trial and error.

I highly recommend that you start acquiring and consuming audio training courses for yourself today.

I have a great 6 hour audio course that is in use in 47 countries around the world called the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

It’s a great place to learn some sales skills that you probably have never seen before.

Sure I still listen to loud bass pumping sometimes, but I am also constantly learning through the CD player in my car and my iPod loaded with training courses.

What about you?

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus