Have you ever been spied on by your competition?

I mean have you ever had a competitor directly call you up while pretending to be a prospect and pump you for your sales pitch, your pricing, your whole sales strategy?

If this has never happened to you, trust me – it could happen at any time.
I just got this email from a reader (who shall remain nameless), and it raised the hair on my back a bit…

Shamus, here’s my story about stupidity. I received a telephone call from a potential client who claimed they learned about my company when they found my website after an internet search. 

Like the ‘eager dog with the paper in its mouth’, I spewed out all kinds of proprietary information without asking questions.  After a while, something about the questions this potential client was asking, and the fact that Caller ID indicated that the caller blocked his number, raised a red flag in my mind. 

I told them I had to take an important call and asked for a number where I could call them right back. After I hung up I waited a few minutes and called back.  As I expected, it was a wrong number.  I tried to find the company and the persons name on the internet without any luck. 

After blabbering like a rookie salesperson, I realized I had been talking to a competitor who was looking for pricing information.  I’ll never know who was calling, or which client they were competing for, but I learned a lesson.  In the future, I’ll ask more questions and make up an excuse to call the prospect back before I give out any information.

-Name Withheld

Man, is this ever a painful demonstration of why you must stay in control of every sales call.

It’s bad enough when you let a normal, well-intentioned prospect ask you all the questions while you respond like an "eager dog". Hey, when you let that happen, the worst result is that you waste your time with lots of prospects who pump you for free research (which IS really bad).

But how would you feel if a competitor called you up to spy on you and you spilled your guts to him?


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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus

P.S. If you are thinking of doing some spying like this yourself – don’t. I am no lawyer, and I am NOT giving you legal advice here, but this sort of spying is called Pretexting and might even be illegal. The Chairwoman of HP lost her job over something like this last year.

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