Ever heard that you gotta be enthusiastic to be a great salesman?

I certainly have heard this before.

In fact I know I have missed out on at least one job because I didn’t display a "cheerleader" personality.

Yet I have been very successful in sales.

So I personally reject the notion that you gotta be enthusiastic to be great in sales.

The idea that being enthusiastic will help you sell more is based on the concept of transference of emotion (an idea that I do agree with)

Done right, selling is a transference of emotion from you to your prospect. They feel what you feel and that helps them to be persuaded (if in fact you yourself are already persuaded).

The reverse can and does happen too. That is, the transference of emotion can go from your prospect to you the seller.

This is a good thing when you are aware that you are getting into rapport with your prospect. Just don’t let it go so far that you empathize too much and are persuaded by the reasons why they can’t do business with you.

People Have to Trust You to Follow You

When people are receptive to it, enthusiasm can be infectious. But people have to be receptive to it.

And the way you get people receptive is to have a strong basis of trust and understanding first. You have to be in rapport at whatever emotional state another person is at before you can move him to a new emotional state with your enthusiasm.

This is the reason why enthusiasm in selling often backfires. If a sales person makes a presentation and doesn’t get into rapport with his audience first, then they will think he’s a nut if he comes on strong with a high level of enthusiasm.

You need to stay in rapport with your prospects and subtly pull them from a place of being confused and frustrated about their problems to an emotional place where they are excited about solving it with you.

There ‘s a range of emotions that they will got through on the path from frustration to excitement, and you need to stay close with them in these emotional states along the way.

Leading your prospect from one emotional state to another, and another, and then another is just like leading someone along a path in the physical world. Get out in front, but not too far, and your prospect will follow. Get too far ahead and you’ll lose your prospect.

Trust is More Important Than Enthusiasm

Don’t worry then about needing to be really enthusiastic to sell well.

What matters more is getting into and staying in rapport with your prospects.

Rapport is a deep psychological process that we all do well with some people more than others. The exciting thing though is that you can do it with virtually anyone when you know how. I cover the easy how-to of this in the Rapport Skills course of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program as well as in my 1 to 1 Rapport Skills DVD Program.

You might think you already know this because maybe you connect with people easily. Well that’s what I used to think too. Try these skills, and take your sales game to a new level.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus