7 Differences between those who wish, and those who do:

1. Wishers wish they had a better product. Doers use their skills to find prospects who want what they have to sell today.

2. Wishers wish they had a better territory. Doers find prospects in their territory to sell to then ask for a better territory based on their performance.

3. Wishers wish they had a nicer/smarter sales manager. Doers are so busy prospecting, selling and closing that their managers leave them alone.

4. Wishers wish they new the "magic words" to say to get past the gatekeepers. Doers are busy selling to the gatekeepers as if they were the executive himself.


5. Wishers wish they were amazing speakers. Doers practice, practice, and practice until their presentation is amazing.

6. Wishers wish they were one of early hires with all the success and its perks. Does are busy making the most of today so that they are more desirable to hire tomorrow.

7. Wishers wish they knew the best power closing phrase. Doers manage the sale through incremental commitments and know how to use the prospect’s wants to get him to close himself.

Wishing for magic closing phrases or prospecting tricks won’t get you anywhere. Learn the proven skills that will raise your closing rate to 70-90% when you actually put them into practice with the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus