This story hasn’t fully played out yet.

But it’s a story that’s been told before many times.

A woman I know is starting a new business.

She actually acquired an existing business, did a makeover, and is re-launching it.

The business is a pottery studio.  It’s one of those paint your own pottery places where people go in and paint a pre-made piece of pottery and studio fires it in the kiln for you.

Now acquiring an existing business can be a good idea sometimes.

It can be a good idea when the business is performing well, has tangible assets, and is producing a stream of bux that make it worth acquiring.

In this story here, the business was barely performing when it was sold. It had a poor location without sufficient walk-by or drive-by traffic and anemic marketing. And the bux were only trickling out for its previous owner.

Hmmm, all reasons why the previous owner decided to sell it.

So a new woman comes in and decides to acquire the business.

She gets a loan, takes title to the business, and gets busy.

She works for a month or so getting the business ready to reopen.

A month.

The business was open, and functioning before it she bought it.

So what was she doing for that month?

Remodeling the place.

New couch, new paint, new décor, etc.

She set a deadline for herself, and that was good. And she reopened the business here at the beginning of May.

First day the business opened and she was busy. All of her friends came in.

After that the place has been pretty empty.

This business had problems from the start. Poor location and anemic marketing.

If she’s not going to move the business, then that leaves fixing the marketing as the main leverage point.

Unfortunately spending a month remodeling doesn’t do squat for the marketing problem.

But I am sure that the remodeling has been fun.

A business’s first priority is to get customers. This woman should have put her budget and her energy into improving the marketing. Getting some good marketing and sales advice would have been a good place to start.

Most people do only what they know how to do, what they are comfortable with.

To be successful though you have to do things that you may not how to do. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

You can’t just do things the way everyone else does them and expect to succeed. In fact following the crowd is usually the path to mediocrity.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus