"They are about to bail." he told us.

"Don’t say ‘bail’." another woman nudged the Maitre’De from behind.

And then I just had to pipe in.

"Saying ‘bail’ is fine." I said.

"He’s a guy talkin to five other guys" I said.

"And that’s the way that guys speak. We say things like ‘bail’. So saying ‘bail’ is just fine" I told her.

The Maitre’De was happy with what I had just said. He was happy, because he was the guy who said ‘bail’.

Last night I was in Tampa, Florida having dinner with a few other members of the marketing mastermind group that I am in. We chose to Go Big and go to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for dinner.

And they are one of the few places that actually even have a Maitre’De anymore.

Now all the Maitre’De was doing was telling us that there would be a table open in a few minutes because the people at it were about ready to ‘bail’.

And one of the waitresses working at the restaurant behind him got embarrassed when he said ‘bail’.

She got embarrassed because she thought it unprofessional or unbecoming to their image to speak like that.

However we liked him for it. He was speaking our language. He was talking to us like one of the guys.

In other words, he was in rapport with us.

But the other waitress did not understand this and wanted him keep up their professional image which in this instance would have led to less rapport with the customer.
And in our case that would have been a bad thing.

You need to bond with your prospects and customers as quickly as possible. Get in rapport with people and they like you, trust you, want to be around you, and want to do business with you.

Try and act like you’re better than they are (or conversely be too casual for their tastes) and they’ll treat you like a salesman. They’ll keep their distance from you and they won’t confide in you.

I had an instant feeling of "this guy is someone I might like to hang out with" just through that short exchange as we walked into the restaurant. We had gotten into rapport together fast.

It made the dinner a better experience. It contributed to making me want to go back.

You can into rapport with people fast. Anytime. Anyplace. With virtually anyone.

All it takes is stretching your behavior and communication styles a bit at times.

In my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio and Video training courses I cover a huge variety of ways that you can match and gain rapport with your prospects. Get yours today.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus