Prospect’s can be frustrating at times.

Some people will tell you exactly what they want AND tell you the truth.

Those people are great. They make the sales easy when we get them.

Most of our prospects aren’t that straightforward though.

Why is that?

Why can’t every prospect just tell us exactly what they want?

Because not everyone knows just what they want or what they need.

They don’t tell you frankly because they don’t always really know what they want or need. The beginning of any purchasing process often starts out with a fuzzy sense of what the problem is and what the possible solutions are.

And this is where you the seller becomes valuable.

Buying stuff can be hard for people. It can be hard because the prospect doesn’t know what you know.

You know how your stuff works. You know when it works and when it doesn’t. You know who it works for and why.

Your prospects don’t live and breathe your stuff like you do.

Sure, many people can find lots of info on the internet these days.

Not all of what you know can be found on the internet though.

For as much information as we have on the web, it’s still really hard to find useful information when your prospects need it.

And then when they do, they can’t synthesize it into useful knowledge as easily as you can.

There is a cost to "free". That cost is people’s time.

So you can deliver value because you can make sense out of and serve up just the right information in way that is useful for your prospects. And that saves people time.

The best prospects value their time, and they understand that you can save them time, which is value that smart prospects will pay for.

This is the reason why there have always been and always will be salesmen. We provide a valuable function that will always be changing, but will never go away.

Make sure that you can help people determine what they want and what they need in a way that will get them wanting to purchase from you. Use my Persuasive Questioning Techniques, one of the 5 audio courses in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program, and you’ll have prospects pulling *you* through the sales process.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus