Some people tell me to stick with writing about just one thing.

I am so tired of hearing that.

Do you really think I am writing only to you?

Well then get over yourself if you do.

I got a quite a few replies yesterday about the email I sent on "How You Master Anything".

Most of the emails I got were positive, but I got a few negative one’s too.

Now that’s normal. More positive people will speak up on any given topic. Most people that disagree will just go their own way.

Seems some people thought I was repeating what someone else had said.

Oh horrors!

I didn’t express an "original" idea.

Sheesh, do you think that everything I come up with is original?

I got news for you – there’s not that many original ideas in the world.


A lot of the breakthroughs today, and throughout all of time, come from synthesis. The putting together of knowledge and ideas from other sources, and then synthesizing it into something useful in a new way.

Frankly that is my strength.

In any given field today, you have multiple competitors.

And if you don’t have a lot of competition, it’s only a short matter of time before you will.

Knowledge is flowing faster than it ever has.

Relying in uniqueness of ideas is a fool’s game. It is not strategic advantage anymore.

I don’t rely on it and you shouldn’t.

At any given time, if you think you have an original idea, odds are that at least 3 other people (and probably more) are thinking about that idea, and are getting ready to act on it.

Unique ideas are a commodity now.

You should focus on connecting with your prospects and customers.

I do.

I have always had more than one way to do it.

You should to.

Get rapport.

Understand their problems.


Build a relationship around your expertise and their problems.

In my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program I discuss a multitude of ways to connect with your prospects and customers.

I lost track of how many ways are in the course now, but there are a lot. There’s the unconscious rapport way, there’s emotional understanding way, there’s the getting them to pursue you way. And there’s a lot more.

You should get it now. Frankly I really think I am undercharging for it. It probably won’t be available at the current rate much longer. Go and get your copy now.