There is a substantial difference in your mental attitude when you are going for a Yes versus when you are going for a No.

When You Go for the Yes…

  • You are trying to get an appointment
  • You are trying to get approval of your proposal.
  • You are trying to close the deal or close for the next step.
  • You’re posture is one of a supplicant, asking, begging even at times.
  • You’ve given away your power, in *hope* that you get *something* in return.

  When You Go for the No…

  • You cross prospects off your list faster.
  • You never do proposals that won’t lead to a sale.
  • You are looking for reasons not to waste time with loser-deals.
  • Your posture is one of confidence that what you sell is of value.
  • You retain your power, and in so doing you attract people who want to do business with you.

Change your attitude and your focus. Don’t be a supplicant looking for the Yes. Go for the No, and be pleasantly surprised when you get the Yes.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus