I got a funny sales spoof for you today on Overcoming Objections in sales that I found on YouTube.

The guys who made it obviously see the humor in some of the lame things sales people say to their prospects.

What’s really interesting is watching this video from the camera point of view of a prospect behind the desk.  It really gives you a feel for what its like to be the prospect when a salesman starts using tired old clichés and being dismissive of your concerns…

Click the Play button to watch this 4 minute video

Preventing Objections vs. Overcoming Objections

The right way to deal with objections is to position yourself so that you are not "Overcoming Objections" at all.

You do this by taking the prospect’s view of things.

You need to find reasons for them to buy. You first need to find reasons for them to buy the type of product you sell in the first place. And you also need to find reasons for them to buy specifically from you.

One does this by probing for problems, shortcomings, challenges that the prospect might have that you can solve or eliminate with your product or service.

Go for the pain, stir it up, get em emotional, and they’ll want to buy, and they’ll want to buy from you (not sure exactly how to do that? I show you how here).

You also need to probe and explore the reasons why they might not buy from you.

Once you’ve been out on a few sales calls, you know what the common objections and stalls are for your product.

Instead of hoping they won’t come up, or overcoming the objections when they do, you should flush em out while you’re asking questions and diagnosing your prospect.

You should have a complete view of your customer’s situation before you present, do demos, and give proposals or references. Once you’ve given those away, you’ve lost your negotiating power with your prospect.

Being honest, up-front, and direct is more than most prospects will ever do for you. It’s the best way to sell though, and it cuts through the B.S. that some prospects will throw at you fast.

I highly recommend that you get your hands on a copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program today.  Learn the techniques in it, and your objection handling days are over.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus