So many sales reps have bored their prospects that they have "pissed in the punch bowl" for the rest of us.

Many prospects routinely expect you now to bore them with sales presentations that start with dry company overviews, and go on into bullet list feature-benefit monologues.

Such discussions are void of emotion and make the prospect do all of the work mentally.

Even when you say things like:

And the benefit of that to you is…

…such a format still doesn’t really engage your prospect’s imagination.

What connects with people are stories and questions.

Stories engage people’s imagination. When you tell a story, your prospect’s mind fills in thousands more details than you could ever describe with your words.

The best kinds of stories to tell are stories about your customers. The format is simple. Talk about what problem or condition they had before purchasing from you and then talk about the results they have gotten after acquiring and using your product.

This helps your prospect to visualize and feel what it would be like to use your product in a way that is believable to them.

Questions actively get your prospects involved in a dialogue about how your product could help them.

Don’t make the mistake of running through your whole sales presentation though and only then asking "Are there any questions?"

You’ll see a room full of half-smiling, blank, I-wanna-get-outta-here stares if you do.

Instead, you should have question points strategically planned into your sales presentation.

In my Persuasive Questioning Techniques Sales Course I talk about 4 types of questions you can and should be asking your prospects.

One of these questions you should be asking after you tell your customer success story.  Another you should be asking after discussing certain capabilities of your product.

At the end of your presentation (or after you have talked for a significant amount of time) you can also ask "What questions do you have?" to prod out any other questions that may not have come up earlier.

And remember to wait in silence after asking each question until someone else says something.

Sell this way, and you’ll have much more success at getting your prospects engaged and involved in discussions about how you can help them with your products.
Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus