Do you think that you are truly a Sales Professional?

Think about it for a moment.

What is it that makes one a professional?

Is it your code of ethics and standards that you live and do business by?

Is it how you behave when in front of your prospects and customers?

Or is it how you conduct yourself around your peers and coworkers?

People throw the words Professional and Professionalism around a lot.

I had someone tell me last week that they didn’t want my emails or my products anymore due to the "lack of professionalism I displayed".

Hmmm, does my casual, sometimes sloppy, sometimes crude language make me not a professional, or lacking in professionalism?

You may or may not think so, but actually none of those things matter.

To be a professional simply means to be a member of a profession.

And just as in sports, the distinction of whether or not you are an amateur or a professional is whether or not you get paid for the activity or not.

So you are a sales professional if you are getting paid to sell.

And the only people in this profession who are not getting paid are the ones who do poorly at it.

The more you make at sales, the more of a sales professional you are.

So be real sales professional.

Make as much as you can and be proud of it.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus

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