Doctors x-rayed through the folds of her abdominal area, and they didn’t discover anything "wrong".

But they did discover "something".

She had gone to the emergency room complaining of stomach pain.

But the doctors discovered that under all of the folds, April Barnum was pregnant and ready to deliver a baby.

A baby that she didn’t even know she was carrying because she weighed 420 lbs.

Few things amaze or surprise me anymore, but this story does. This woman was so large, that she hadn’t a clue that she was pregnant until the baby was ready to be delivered:

When she moved or laid down, she had so much weight of her own that the tiny movements of the baby didn’t register as well

… said her doctor.

Can you believe this?

Well it’s true.

And I share this story with you because it does relate to selling.

You see some people don’t know they have problems that they need help with.

In fact some people have very *serious* problems that they don’t know they need help with.

This lady obviously had a serious condition that she needed help with, but it took an expert, in this case an emergency room doctor, to diagnose the problem and show her what it was.

Good sales people are like doctors too.

A good sales person can use his language and questioning skills to shoot an x-ray into the prospect’s personal or business life and uncover the prospect’s true condition.

Such a skilled sales person can not only find and show the prospect something that needs fixing, but can more importantly help the prospect to find the drive, the motive, to want to solve her problems, the motive to buy.

Find the problem, show the prospect the consequences of doing nothing about the problem, and watch the prospect ask you to help her solve her problem. Watch your prospect ask you to sell your stuff to her.
Yes, a skilled sales person at work is much like an experienced doctor diagnosing and prescribing a patient.

You too can sell like a highly skilled sales doctor, helping your patient-prospects find the desire to purchase from you. It’s all there in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. Go on over now and get yours.