How do you romance a prospect?

Well you don’t do it with ABC, "Always Be Closing".

ABC is what streetwalkers and carnival barkers do.

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of driving (or worse walking) through the seedy part of town where the streetwalkers are you already know what I mean.

They’re closing at you right and left. They got a "sales manager" they got to report back to in a few hours, and they’re going to try every come-on and trial close trick they can.

When you are doing your selling right, the time to close is obvious and natural.

Just like romance, dating and marriage.

You don’t ask a woman to get married on the first date. That’s too much, too fast.

You’ve got to romance your prospect. Find out what she likes, compliment her, stir some interest and see if she’s interested too.

Dating is a sorting process just like sales. It’s a way of evaluating each other to see if you like want and need what the other person has to offer.

And if you’re constantly "trial closing" while dating you’re going to look like a dork.

This technique is annoying and largely unnecessary for most professional sales people.

Yes anything done enough times will work some of the time.

But the better way is to determine if you have a real qualified prospect early on, get a commitment that your intentions are the same and to deal with each other honestly, and then move forward with the rest of the "evaluation".

If you’ve got that "Always Be Closing" line nagging you inside your head, then you need to get a better way to sell. Its time you learned the Persuasive Selling Skills way. Click on over and give yourself a Valentine’s present right now.

Sell with Pride this Valentine’s Day,

Shameless Shamus