So how much do the little details of your business card really matter?

Some people are so concerned about their little accessories or about looking impressive that they lose sight of being a real person.

Watch this short video now from American Psycho for something really absurd.

This scene shows a bunch of young, narcissistic Manhattan brokers trying to one-up each other with the details of their business cards.

I can’t believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten’s Card to mine…

Click the Play button to watch this 1.5 minute video

This video is funny in a twisted way for how ridiculously obsessed these guys are.

Yeah we men can play one-up-manship with almost anything, but this business card thing really is near the top of some the trivial competitions I’ve seen in my life .

Unfortunately there really are some narcissistic people in sales.

I’ve never known anyone as obsessed as these guys are with their business cards, but I have known some people overly concerned with their hair or their clothes.

The problem with narcissism is that it severely limits your ability to gain rapport with a wide range of people.

One of the best salesmen I knew in Silicon Valley wore really crappy shoes and frumpy suits. Some of the worst salesmen I met wore French-cuffed shirts with fancy cuff links.

Now cuff-links per se aren’t bad, nor should everyone run out to a thrift store and buy a pair of crappy shoes, but there is a lesson here.

The lesson is that you make gaining rapport more difficult when your personal style doesn’t match that of your prospects.

The guy with the crappy shoes had a better style match to the mostly frumpy customer service and information technology directors that he called on than did the oh-so-sharp cuff-links guy.

And his ability to match his prospects in style, in demeanor, in language, and in knowledge was one of the secrets to his success.

So to be successful in sales, you gotta focus more on your prospects than you do on yourself. You need to get outside yourself and focus on being like your prospects as much as you are able to.

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