As I drove out of town, I jerked my head back to look.

Glistening, swirling, reflecting brilliant colors, they lied there.

They practically shouted out to me…

You know you want me, I’m gorgeous!

But they couldn’t shout to me.

They couldn’t shout because they were just "rocks".

Last summer my family and I went on a road-trip through a couple of National Parks in Arizona and Utah. 

When you go into or come out a National Park, there are always a number of different businesses setup to troll for a few of your tourista dollars.

On this one particular day, we were just leaving Zion National Park in Utah when the "rocks" caught my eye.

You see they caught my eye because I love rocks.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved rocks.

So I made a hard right turn into the parking lot, stopped and announced to the family that we were going to look at some "rocks".

We were at a little road side rock shop.

Out in front the owner had displayed lots of different rocks on large wooden tables.

The "rocks" that caught my eye were deep-blue, fire-red, sea-green, and lemon-yellow.

These "rocks" were large – they were bigger than grapefruits.

These "rocks" looked like they were formed from intense heat and pressure from deep within the core of the earth. They looked to me like lava that had flowed, cooled, and hardened.

I thought they were really cool.

So I went inside the rock shop and looked around.

More neat rocks.

I asked the store owner about the cool swirly lava "rocks" out front.

He told me that those "rocks" were glass.

Yeah, glass.

These things that caused me to jerk my head around weren’t rocks at all.

These shiny, glistening things were just what’s called slag glass – rough cut hunks of shiny glass leftover from the glass manufacturing process.

He said that he got them from some glass factory out of state, and that they were great because people stopped all the time and had to have them

Although I tried not to show it, I felt a bit silly.

I mean these things looked like the jewels in the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Mine!

OK, so I got suckered a bit.

But I did still find some rocks inside the store that I liked. And my daughter did too. So I handed over a few bucks, and we took em home with us.

The point of this story is that the beginning of any sale is to get your prospect’s attention.

If this store hadn’t put the flashy glass slag out on display, if they had the same type of grey, white, and brown rocks out as every other rock store we had passed I would never have pulled over. I would have kept right on driving.

So I ask you, what are you doing to get your prospect’s attention?

What are you doing to grab people when you make a phone call, leave a voicemail, or send an email to a new prospect?

Are you sounding the same as everybody else in your market, asking things like can you review your prospect’s business goals for the year? Or are you saying that you can "increase their revenues" or help them "cut operating costs"?

Are you?

Well so are all your competitors.

Most people say the same things when they prospect.

Very few people use their creative brain enough to come up with colored glass slag that looks like giant jewels as a way to get people’s attention.

Be different with your prospecting.

Get their attention and begin the sale.