To make this a BIG sales year for you, you want to get to No faster this year.

That’s right, I didn’t say get to Yes.

I said get to No.

You want focus on getting to No, so that you ensure that the highest possible percentage of your leads are real prospects for you.

You have a finite amount of time to sell. You can’t expand that time.

What you can do is control who you give your time to.

Your intent should be to prospect ruthlessly for high quality prospects.

You want to put high quality prospects into your sales funnel.

Because what goes into the your funnel has a direct impact on what comes out the other end.

Put high quality prospects in – ones who are most likely to buy from you – and you’ll close more sales.

Load your funnel with lots of poor quality prospects and what’s the result? Well as we used to say in the computer business…

Garbage In = Garbage Out.

Another way of putting this is: Don’t Be Desperate.

Don’t put your beer goggles on and take whichever prospects will listen to your pitch.

Respect yourself.

Respect your time, your resources, your knowledge, and your company.

So How Do You Get to "No" Faster?

It’s simple really.

You ask the questions that will determine whether or not the prospect is worthy of your time.

And, most importantly, you take and stay in control of your conversations through your questioning.

But you don’t ask just any questions.


There is a certain type of question that my customers know that enables you to take and maintain control over your sales effortlessly AND respectfully.

You’d be wise to learn this technique this year too.

Personally I wasted a lot of unnecessary time with lots of sales prospects before I figured this out this technique.

Time I wasted out of my belief that I had to "share" control of the sale with the prospect.

Sharing control is an unnecessary attitude, one that wastes significant time.

You need to be firmly in control of the sales process.

And you can do it without offending your prospects.

Control alone is not enough though for you to get to No faster.

You need to know what to do while you are exercising that control.

While you are in control of the sale, there are three critical things then that you need to find out fast:

  1. Is there pain that you can solve with your product?
  2. Is there money available to buy from you?
  3. Does your prospect have decision authority?

Getting these answers quickly without getting bogged down in having to tell your prospect "why you are so great", or "why they should do business with you" will bring you to a No (or a Yes), much, much faster.

Ultimately the prospects you will choose to work with will be the ones who you can get accurate Yes answers to these questions from.

But a surprisingly large number of your prospects will turn out to be No’s when you qualify rigorously like this.

And that’s a good thing.

So focus on the getting to the No’s, and getting through the No’s, so you can get on to the Yes’s and you’ll be on to a much bigger year.