Your prospects are lazy.

And they’re busy.

I mean, isn’t that the truth?

Because your prospects are *people* just like you and me.

Back in my first sales position, I figured out something that should have been obvious to the other sales reps I worked with, but I guess it wasn’t.

I had just gotten a new territory selling computers to doctors, clinics, and hospitals in the San Francisco area.

I was looking at ways to fill my pipeline with prospects and get some new business going.

Since I was working for IBM, we had a lot of resources to use. One of them was a dedicated computer demo center on an entire floor of the high rise building that IBM owned in downtown San Francisco.

A common thing that many other sales reps did was to hold a small "seminar" for prospects in the downtown demo center.

Now this was great tactic for the reps who were selling to financial services and law firms located in downtown San Francisco.

But I was selling to the medical industry which was spread across the city of San Francisco and the county next door.

And the rep who had the territory before me had tried to hold a seminar to generate leads at the downtown demo center, but it was very poorly attended.

To me the reason was obvious.

People didn’t want to drive into downtown San Francisco. They didn’t want to hassle with the traffic. And they didn’t want to hassle with the parking.

So what quickly became obvious to me was that I needed to bring my selling closer to my prospects.

I had been making calls on some of the hospitals in my territory, and had established a relationship with an administrator at one of the larger hospitals.

I suggested to this woman that we do a small seminar at the hospital targeted at the doctors in the area who brought patients to that hospital.

Great idea she thought!

She was interested in it because it helped her and the hospital provide value to their customers, which were the doctors.

So at no bux out-of-pocket to me or IBM, I got to hold a seminar onsite, at a hospital, right near where a huge amount of doctors worked.

And instead of getting 3 leads out of it (like the previous rep who held his seminar in downtown San Francisco), I got 37 leads out of it.

37 good quality leads, many of which I later closed.

I tell you this because sometimes you need to make a little extra effort and make it easy for your prospects to consume your message.

As you are putting together your prospecting plans, look for ways to make it easier for your prospects.

They are busy and lazy just like you and I are.

The easier you make it on them, the more you will make for yourself.