Business is simple, but not always easy.

If you want to multiply your results this year, there really are only 3 ways to do it…

1 – Sell More to Each Customer.

Get them to buy more of the same product from you.

Get them to buy additional products from you.

Get them to buy more on the initial order.

This is generally the easiest way to multiply your results. This is the easiest way because a current, or already "sold", customer takes less effort to sell than does a new customer.

This can be accomplished by getting creative with bundling and incentives.

This way to multiply is probably also the most often overlooked probably because it is not very tough or seksy. Many sales people, and managers, live for that big kill, and this way is pretty damn simple.

2 – Get More Prospects

With your current closing rate, getting more prospects will equal more customers.

Intellectually this is the simplest to understand. More calls, more letters, more emails, more faxes equals more prospects.

In practice this is probably the hardest way to multiply your results because you only have so much time in the day. Everyone reaches a limit as to how much prospecting that they can do.

To accomplish this, you gotta get tougher and more disciplined. Toughness to get through the loneliness and rejection, and discipline to keep focused and get it done every day.

3 – Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Close more of your current prospects and you’ll have more customers from the same prospecting effort.

This way is easier than "Get More Prospects" and harder than just "Sell More to Each Customer".

To accomplish this then, you need to get better at:

  • Identifying wants and needs
  • Qualifying deals to walk from early
  • Proving you’re the best match to their wants and needs.

In short to "Convert More Prospects Into Customers" you will have to improve your sales skills.

To sum up then multiplying your sales this year then means identifying which of these 3 areas of your selling has the most potential for improvement and focusing your energy there.

Now go out and sell more in 2007.