Was Santa good to you this year?

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Santa was good to me, my family, and to many people I know.

Perhaps he was good to you too.

My little girl still believes in Santa. She’s 5 years old.

The culture Nazis are already trying to ruin it for her already though.

She’s in kindergarten, and already some of her classmates are declaring that they don’t believe in Santa Claus.

I find it sad that some people have to teach "the truth" as they call it to their kids so dang early.

Just before Christmas my daughter asked me if I believed in Santa.

I told her I did.

And she asked me if other people important to her like her mother, and her aunt, and her kindergarten teacher believed.

I told her they did too.

She has been strongly declaring her belief in Santa Claus since late last week.

And today she even sent a letter to Santa, telling him what she wants for Christmas NEXT year.

I believe in Santa Clause for one simple reason.

I am Santa Claus.

That’s right – didn’t you know?

I am Santa Clause…

… for me and my family, that is.

When you go into sales, you give yourself the *chance* to get for yourself and others anything you want.

When you become good at selling, you manifest that promise.

Good sales people can always have a good Christmas.

Santa is always good to good sales people.

If Santa was good to you this year, I am happy for you.

If Santa wasn’t as good to you this year as you would have liked, then its time to do something about this.

It’s time for you to be a better Santa to yourself, and to your family.

It’s time for you to be a better sales person.

Accept full and total responsibility for your life right now.

Take control of your business, your sales, and your life beginning right now.

Don’t wait for Monday to make a "New Year’s Resolution".

And if you are doing well, then do something to make yourself even better. The people who achieve the most are those who are committed to constant improvement.

Be your own Santa in 2007 and give yourself whatever you want from selling. Get your copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program to get more out of your selling than you did in 2006.