Yesterday I got an email that I wanted to share with you.

The question that Steve raises (a real Sales Director BTW), points to some of group-think that leads to mediocre results in business.

Read Steve’s email…

The company Marketing Director says I should always say ‘We’ when describing what the company can do for the prospect.I sometimes tell a prospect that it is ‘I’ that differentiates us from the competition, with expertise from 20 years of experience, among other things, and what ‘I’ can do for the prospect is a part of what ‘We’ can do.Do you have an opinion?

Do I have an opinion? Heck yeah!

There is soooo much group-think out there it’s really sad.

This marketing guy thinks that whatever "Big Companies" do, he should do too, IF he is to be successful that is.

The problem is that most (if not all) big companies didn’t get Big by doing the impersonal things that Big Companies do!

Every Big Company started out as a small company. Small companies with just a few real people who worked hard to make AND sell good stuff to other real people who wanted that stuff.

When a company is small, there is no "Marketing Department". There’s only an owner or a few people out hustling trying to sell their products.

And those people do whatever they can to find out what their prospects want and figure out how to give it to them in a way that makes a sale.

The personal touch is a key tool that, when used, makes a company really stand out.

Show that You Have the Power to Make a Difference

Salesmen of all kinds can and do differentiate themselves with the expertise, experience, industry knowledge, and unique personal ways of thinking.

You most certainly should emphasize that YOU are making the difference to your potential prospect. Position yourself as representing your company because you chose to and because you believe in the company.

In speaking to prospects, your language should be mostly an "I" to "You" conversation, with a heavy emphasis on the "You" (meaning the prospect).

As much as possible, you should emphasize yourself as a person of power.

This will raise your stature within the eyes of the prospect, and makes it easier for you to sell people of higher stature.

One way to this is to change language of "We can do this for you…" or "XYZ company can do this for you…" to "I can get that done for you – I will get my team working on that…" as an example.

Talking like this is how a company President, Founder or Owner speaks. And prospects always know that when they speak with the Owner, they can get more done because he has the power to bring all his company resources to bear for the prospect.

People want to know that you are there for them, that you can get things done for them, and that you care for them.

Remember that companies are just ideas in the real world. A corporation only exists on paper. What is real about companies are the INDIVIDUAL people that make it up.

Treat people as real flesh and blood people, and you’ll blow past all the corporate-speak types who are copying what the Big Companies are doing.