Some people have anger issues.

You know the type, they seem to get just a little bit scary over small things or about problems they create for themselves.

I remember a time I that I got work with another sales rep that had some anger issues when I was selling software in Silicon Valley.

We both worked for a good sized software company that had a lot of complex products. I was a sales specialist for our complex knowledgebase product and the other rep who I’ll call "Wally" was the territory rep in my area.

I got a lead at some company called Sun Microsystems.

Just some small computer manufacturer, right?

I had the lead on this sale, so I scheduled a meeting to qualify and interview the prospect.

I invited Wally to come along to the meeting as that was protocol in my company at the time (even though I didn’t need him there).

Day of the meeting comes, I am in the lobby of Sun Microsystems waiting with my team waiting for our appointment with the prospect.

Wally however is not there.

Appointment time arrives, and the receptionist sends us up to meet our prospect.

Wally’s nowhere to be seen.

We go up stairs a floor, and wind around a maze of corridors to finally wind up in some nondescript conference room a couple hundred yards from the reception area.

My team and I get started having our discussion with the prospect.

Still no Wally.

About about 25 minutes into my sales call, Wally shows up in our conference room, sweaty and a bit red-faced.

He bumps around and sits down rather noisily, and joins the meeting.

Wally didn’t contribute much to the meeting, and he wasn’t really expected to. He was only invited there as it was company protocol to do so.

After the meeting is over, I speak to Wally outside and ask him "What happened?

Why were you so late?"

He told me he was only a few minutes late. But that the receptionist couldn’t find where our meeting was for him.

I could tell he had been pretty angry and frustrated about this, which partly explained the red-faced look he had upon entering the conference room.

Anyway, we parted ways and went back to our offices.

When I got back, I saw my boss and our division head, and my boss asked me what happened at Sun Microsystems? I told them briefly about our meeting and my division head said that Wally really pissed off the receptionist there.

My reaction was like "Huh?"

Yeah, turns out that when Wally arrived late and the receptionist couldn’t locate where our meeting was, Wally blew up at the receptionist. He got impatient, and started berating her for being incompetent. He got the receptionist so upset that after Wally left the reception area, she broke down in tears.

The receptionist’s supervisor had called my office and reported this to our division head.

Needless to say we didn’t get that sale.

My company’s reputation was damaged within Sun Microsystems.

Wally’s status within our company, which was never high in the first place, went sunk lower still.

My reputation fortunately was unharmed as I had no control over Wally and my management understood that.

Wally could have handled himself better.

Had Wally used my 1 to 1 Rapport Skills he would have better understood how to handle himself around people who had personalities different than his own.

And Wally’s mistake that day not only cost him the sale and damaged his reputation, but it cost him a future job.

A few years after Wally’s anger "episode", I strongly objected to hiring him when he came to interview at a company I sold for. Management passed around resumes of sales candidates they were looking at. So I passed on my little "insight" into Wally’s behavior. And Wally never knew what hit him.

So don’t take your anger issues out on your prospects.

Learn to be more flexible and get more people to like you, even those that you think aren’t "like you".

Improve your persuasion abilities with the 1 to 1 Rapport Skills Sales Training DVD Program, and you’ll be impressed with what you can do.