For the past few weeks, my team and I have been working on something really cool for you.

I can’t say it’s exactly an original idea.

But what we have done, we have done very well.

What we’ve been working so hard on is this here new blog.

I call it The Shameless Sales Blog.

In here you’ll find the most current articles that I have written for you. In fact there are 15 Sales Tips Articles up here right now from my last two months of writing.

I’ll be posting my tips to The Shameless Sales Blog frequently, AND I will continue to send you these tips by email.

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I’ll also have a sales podcast in the works for you – more on that in coming days…

Also, you may have noticed that I am writing you more often. This will continue. Writing sales tips is one of the most important things I can do for you. So expect more useful, different, and shameless sales tips from me, cause you’re gonna get em!

Thanks for subscribing and for reading.

-Shameless Shamus