How to Sell the Same Product for a Higher Price

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

What do you do when your customers can get the same product that you sell from your competition at a lower price?

Sell the value of a superior relationship and demonstrate it by gaining a deeper understanding of your prospect’s wants and fears than the other salesmen are doing.

When people feel understood, they bond with you, and want *you* to help them. Price becomes less of an issue, or even disappears completely, because they perceive a higher likelihood of getting their wants fulfilled with you.

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. To truly get a deep understanding of your prospect’s wants and fears, you gotta be fearless about getting personal with people.

Sales Prospects – Dump em or Tickle em?

A couple of days ago when I wrote about sales rejection, I wrote…

Dump fast and first and you will increase your sales.

This is true.

A few people wrote in to share with me that they have closed sales 2 or 3 years after first contact with someone who may not have initially qualified.

This is good.

I have closed many deals myself months or years after the first time I had contact with them.

But don’t get confused here.

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How to Sell Solutions Instead of Products

Lots of people want to sell solutions instead of products.

The trick is to actually have your prospect agree that he is being sold a solution, and not just a product.

The essential difference between selling a solution and selling a product is that a solution solves a problem.

You can’t sell a solution to a prospect, if he doesn’t have a problem that the solution will solve!

To sell solutions, you must start by looking for problems.

Effective solution selling is all about thorough problem discovery and problem analysis – before you spend any time talking about your products.

In probing for problems, hearing from the prospect that they want to buy a widget like yours, or that they want a specific capability that your widgets have is NOT uncovering a problem.

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The Importance of the 3 Second Sale

Selling is really a series of small, instantaneous, emotional moments.

Important emotional moments where the prospect “buys” something about you and what you are selling.

Those moments may come in the middle of a sales call, at the beginning or the end, or not at all.

And unless you are really in control of what you’re communicating unconsciously with your voice, your body, and your emotions (beyond what your words are saying), when those moments do happen for you is probably somewhat of a chance kinda thing.

I mean some people naturally take a liking to you and trust you. Other’s seemingly can’t stand you and what you represent before you even open your mouth.

One of my customers, Matthew Geiger, the Financial Planner that I wrote you about yesterday who got a 100x Return on his Sales Investment, had this to say about “The 3 Second Sale” when he emailed me a few days ago…

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100x Return on Sales Investment in Just 3 Months

This is a true story.

Matthew Geiger, a Financial Planner in New York wrote me to tell his story a few days ago.

Matthew did the work. And he got results. Fast.

Here’s his email to me…

This is Matt Geiger, I purchased your audio program a few months back.

The 400 bucks I spent has already turned into 40,000 bucks back in my pocket. And that’s only within 3 months.

Your Persuasive Selling Skills is powerful. I sell to salesmen. I work with insurance agents who, as you could imagine are typically more sophisticated in their selling processes than most professions.

More times than not, they immediately put me on the spot making me say something to differentiate myself from the literally, 500 companies that do THE SAME thing as I do.

I’ll get the question ‘what makes you different than the next guy’ or ‘I get 50 calls a week for this.’ For me, this question totally ruined any chance I had to move the sale forward. Why? Because I answered them and TOLD THEM why I was better. Big mistake. I lost all power right at the beginning and more importantly I was giving reasons which were MY OWN.

Now because of what you showed me I’ve reinvented my self. I stay in control and get the prospect to tell me what’s important to him…very powerful.

I wanted to thank you and let you know that I enjoy your work and daily emails. Your program is the most relevant and effective tool for selling from anyone I’ve ever seen.

-Matthew J. Geiger, BSM Financial Planning

There is no single, silver bullet in sales. And I don’t promise instant gratification. But if you listen to my advice and actually do the work like Matthew did, you can quickly make big changes in your selling and close lots more deals.

Here’s the program Matthew bought just 3 months ago – Persuasive Selling Skills

Get your copy now and let’s see just how fast you too can 100x or more your money.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

I Hate Sales Rejection

It took me a long time to figure this one out.

But I hate rejection.

I don’t like rejection from friends or acquaintances.

I didn’t like it when I was dating, before I got married.

I don’t like it when selling.

It just isn’t fun.

Now don’t get me wrong. I can “handle it”.

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How Can I Increase My Closing Rate to 50, 70, or 90%?

I got a bunch of readers writing in lately asking about how to raise your closing rate from the 10-30% “in the toilet” range to 50, 70, even 90%.

It all boils down to one thing.

Sell to pain.

That’s it.

When you do that, you can pull your closing rate out of the toilet and into the clouds with effortless ease.

The strategy of selling to pain means a number of things in practice…

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Just How “Offensive” Can You Be When Selling?

Some people marvel at what I do.

Some are baffled.

Some think I am a real arse.

Yesterday Anthony Tudini asked me a serious question, for which I have an answer…

Hey Shamus, Serious question… What if your largest customer belonged to PETA and you included them in your distribution of the Pig Roast pics?

Good question.

It wouldn’t be a dilemma for me at all.

I would leave it up to the customer to decide if she liked me or not.

Yes, I might “lose” such a customer…

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PETA Offended by My Piggy Roast Pix

I got some pretty interesting email over the weekend after sending out pix of last month’s piggy roast on Friday (which you can view here if you missed them).

Anyway I thought you might enjoy reading some of the comments I got too…

Wow I cannot believe you would send these pictures out to your subscribers, not knowing the ethical background of some. I will be unsubscribing now. You have to realize that this is 2008, and many people are changing the way they eat drastically.

I happen to be a member of P.E.T.A. I realize eating pork is fine with you; however, sending out pictures of the dead animal is a little offensive to some!

-Carmen Patterson

Hmm, I guess those pix didn’t convert Carmen over to the Shameless Lifestyle, eh?

What amazes me is that people sign up to a sales newsletter, and then complain about the content… how much time do you think they spend “bitchin'” about that Non-PC Shamus guy around the water cooler or coffee Urn…?

Betcha any money they ain’t makin quota!

-Stephen Jones

Pretty much sums up my thoughts about people like Carmen. She needs to pull the cork out from where the sun don’t shine and have a little more fun in life.

I took a quick look at your photos this morning; it looks like everyone had a blast! I have been receiving your e-mails for about a month now and find them helpful and sometimes really funny.

I was very happy to find out that you were a real person, go figure, but pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t just receiving e-mail from some random sales site.

-Crystal Zettle

Yep, I am Real Person. You couldn’t find stock photos of stuff like that. And the more corporate, “professional” sales websites don’t have the stones to send out anything that real!

I like your news letter. The feast looked like everyone had a good time.

Next time if you name the pig you need to pick him out of the herd and make the first cut. It brings out the warrior. Thank the pig for giving himself so others can live. We all live off the life of others. I always give thanks to the creatures that give their lives so I can walk around in leather shoes. You should always be willing to kill what you eat.

I do not usually send notes back to news letters but it seemed like the thing to do this time.

-Allen Jenne

Umm, Allen, yer right. That’s a little messy for my tastes, but I probably should add that to my list of life experiences to have. I’ll have to paint myself up like William Wallace if I do…

Shamus, I’m jealous. What did you use to stuff the pig?

-Mark Stanczak

The pig stuffing was oranges, lemons, cilantro and onions. Basically some stuff that my chef buddy Andrew pulled together. But you know what? That stuffing didn’t flavor the meat at all. We needed to inject some flavor under the skin with a baster (as a few readers *did* suggest to me). We weren’t that prepared though, so we just basted it with beer all day. It did come out nice and juicy. And it was a ton of fun.

Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I did shoot some video too. When I get around to cobbling that together into something watchable for you I’ll post it to the sales blog and let you know.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Hard work sucks. Raise your closing rate and you can work less and play more (like me) with the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Why You Should Use McCain’s “Go Last” Sales Strategy

I am not a big advocate of giving sales presentations.

I prefer to sell without them whenever possible.

Sometimes they are necessary though, particularly when you are selling to a group of people.

So when you do have to give a prepared pitch, you should take a cue from John McCain and “Go Last”.

The Democrats just wrapped up their political convention here in the US last week, and the Republicans are just starting theirs this week.

McCain and the Republicans planned long ago to hold their convention immediately following the Democratic convention.

And look what has happened.

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