Congratulations on a Job Not Done

Personally I got a late start on the day today.

So I aint in the mood to try and be profound.

I did just find this clip from Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, and he blasts just about everyone in Washington who is screwing up our economy right now.

It’s pretty funny.

Enjoy yer day.

Shameless Shamus Brown

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Feel This PAIN, Sucker!

In the news business, nothing sells like bad news.

Yesterday the DOW dropped 777 points. Biggest One Day Point Drop ever was what many of the headlines screamed.

This drop however pails in comparison to the 22.61% drop of Black Monday in 1987 (and the 24.39% drop of 1914), which makes it not as big of deal as what the news wants you to think.

What’s important here is to stand back and watch how the news is attempting to manipulate you.

Yes, they are trying to manipulate you. That’s what they do. The news is all about getting your attention and holding it.

Forget journalistic purity. That’s crap.

The news is a business. They make bux off of advertising. They need your *attention* so that they can show you advertising. And they will go to great lengths to get that attention.

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No Bitching, Moaning or Hand-Wringing This Week

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

There’s a lot of bad news being shoveled at you by the news media right now. So you gotta put extra focus on getting what you want, and not let negativity scare or stop you.

Commit to yourself that you will wash away this mental crud with a picture in your mind of yourself being successful in the rest of 2008 any time you see, hear or read some bad news about the economy or the world this week.

Don’t engage in the bitching, complaining, blaming and hand-wringing that others will be doing. Focus on your success and happiness and you will have it.

Shameless Shamus Brown

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Sales Excuses Are Like…

When a salesman is not closing deals, the sales excuses start coming out.

There’s all kinds of em.

  • My prospects are all broke.
  • The economy sucks.
  • People don’t want our stuff.
  • The competition has a better _________.
  • I don’t have a good territory.


Right now there’s a lot of people watching and worrying about the “economy”.

And for many, it’s a convenient excuse.

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The Power of Selling Against Yourself

When you tell people you are a salesman, most people’s guard goes up.

The same is true even if you use a nice *pretty* name like Account Executive or Client Representative, or some other euphemistic BS.

Unfortunately you start the game every time with a negative point deficit on the trust scoreboard that you have to overcome.

Certainly you should always be looking to gain and deepen rapport with your prospect.

There are many ways that you can do this. I cover a number of covert methods in my rapport skills courses, but that’s not what I want to tell you about today.

One way you can develop significant trust with your prospect is to sell against yourself.

The technique is quite easy.

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Keep Your Head Up, Push Forward, Don’t Retreat

Has the news been a bit distracting for you this past week?

I think it has been for a lot of people.

Personally I am not that surprised at the financial bailouts our government is doing. I just expected a big consumer bank failure first, not a big insurance company.

A lot of people are worried. The stock market is seesawing in much bigger swings than it has in a long time.

And did you see what oil did yesterday?

Oil posted a record one-day gain of 25 buckaroos a barrel.

Crazy. Seems the oil traders know what the average Joe doesn’t know. Which is that if the US Government is going to buy $700B worth of loans, then that will cause inflation. Which means our dollaroos will be worth less. Which means prices need to go up just to keep even with what they were worth before the bailout.

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Chasing Prospects Just Makes Them Run Away

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

Chasing prospects doesn’t help you catch them. Chasing prospects just makes them back off or run away.

Chasing behavior is saying things like “I’d love to show you how this product can benefit you” or “What can I do to get you to make a decision today” or any of thousand other sales lines that you know are cheesy as soon as they come out of your mouth. Get people to tell you about their pain and you can get them to follow you to the close.

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Find out just how easy you can get people to admit to their pain and pursue you to the close with my Persuasive Selling Skills right now.

Fear and Hope in Selling

What do you sell?

I mean, what do you really sell?

Do you sell stuff? Things? Products? Gizmos?

Do you talk a lot about the little details of your stuff?

People don’t buy the details about our stuff.

In fact people aren’t really buying our stuff, when they buy our stuff.

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The Moment Your Prospect Decides To Buy

One of the most common mistakes that sales people make is not spending enough time on the prospect’s pain.

People buy to solve problems. Sometimes they buy to enable an opportunity.

But mostly people buy something to solve a problem that is pressing right now.

That’s the way we are wired.

A lot of sales people aren’t even looking for the pain. Yes a lot.

These people are just out pitching. And hoping.

Pitching and hoping that they’ll come across someone who likes the pitch and will say…

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What a Loser I Was When It Came to Sales Prospecting

I’ve been sick the past 3 days.

Here it is summer, and I got a frickin cold.

My wife and I argue/debate over whether it actually is still summer or not. She comes from New York, and contends that summer is over after Labor Day.

Me, I’m a Californian, and summer is over when the calendar says it is as far as I am concerned. Fall starts in a just a few days. If I judged summer by the weather here, we would have another month and a half left of summer ?

Anyway, this cold sucks.

I’ve been layin on the couch at home, watchin cable news drone on about the election, and sleeping. Sleeping a lot.

I’ve hardly worked this week I’ve been so exhausted.

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