What You Must Do To Become a Top Closer

What is the key to a high closing rate?

Is it practicing and practicing your sales pitch over and over so that you can give an awesome presentation?

Is it asking lots of questions designed to lead the prospect into saying “Yes!” over and over 7 or more times so he’ll say “Yes!” when you go for the close?

Or is it trial closing and *handling* all of the objections one by one until the prospect gives in and buys from you?


The key to a high closing rate ain’t none of those my friend.

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Selling “Commodity” Products in a Competitive Environment

Is there a lot of competition for what you sell?

Does it sometimes feel like you sell a commodity, that your prospect can get from anyone?

If so, then you gotta think differently to find a problem to sell to.

People won’t change if they don’t want to.

Yesterday I got a challenge what I had to say on Monday about price never being the main issue. Here’s the email…

I would like to disagree with your statement. I believe it all has to do with the importance of the products. Take for instance sealants. Here, people are not concerned about anything else either than pricing. I mostly get the statement “beat the price and you in”. The better the price, the more mark up they make irregardless of the quality, they want the cheapest they can get.

The only problem you can solve here is if the cheap sealant does not seal, which is unlikely for any sealant not to.

-Lwando Nyaloko

Even with commodity products, it’s not all about the product. There is more to look than just does the sealant seal or not.

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Price is Never the Main Issue

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

Price is (almost) never the main reason why people don’t buy. When someone doesn’t buy, it’s either because your stuff didn’t solve a problem or because the problem wasn’t important enough to solve right now.

You should never be finding out late in the deal that your prospect won’t buy for one of these reasons. Get this information up-front (or get it now if you neglected to get it up front), and you can build a pipeline of sales that closes 70-90% of the time.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Start getting the truth from your prospects up-front, and you can increase your sales in the next 60 days with these sales skills.

What to Do About All The Negative News

You might be getting a lot of negative news right now. If you are, you need to start tuning it out.

And if you have tuned it out already, then congratulations.

I had to turn it all off earlier this week. I am/used to be one of those political junkies, someone who watches politics like other guys watch football and basketball.

After Tuesday nights debate though, I just decided that I had to stop watching this crap. Watching it or reading about it. And watching and reading about the market too.

I thought I was immune. I thought that I was above it because I knew how this negative stuff could affect me. But all this crud just was ultimately putting me in a foul mood.

So I went on a “news fast”. I am just not going to watch or read about this stuff for awhile.

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Close 70-90% of Your Sales with Time Off For Golf

Do you know what the difference is between closing 70-90% of your deals (with time off for golf on Fridays) and working your arse off to close 10-20% of your deals?

A few days ago, I got the following question:

Hey Shamus, we have this never ending debate on ‘what should be the quoting price’ to a new customer. I understand this is one of the trickiest situations which all sales people face. What are your experiences on this?

-Dave Maitra

Thanks for asking Dave.

First of all this is only tricky for some sales people.

Whether or not it is tricky for you depends on how you approach your prospects.

Do you believe that you are there to “serve” the prospect?

Do you believe that you must give your prospects what they ask for, when they ask for it, with nothing quid pro quo in return?

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Proving Your Sales Claims

How many customer success stories are you using in your selling?

Are you using any at all?

Do you have specific details about the problems they faced before they bought your stuff and results they got after they bought your stuff?

Do you have unique information that shows them to be human and to not appear to be the creation of some faceless advertising agency?

Even if you don’t think that customer success stories or testimonials will work for you in your business, the research shows that you are wrong.

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Breaking Your Sales Prospect’s Fear Induced Paralysis

More scary stuff in the business world yesterday.

The market at one point was down over 800 points yesterday, AFTER this wonderful government rescue… err bailout… err banking socialism package passed last Friday.

What’ll happen today, I don’t know.

I do know that you can’t let this stuff overly distract you.

Yes, do what you need to do to get your financial ducks in a row.

But your main focus should be on growing your sales and your business.

And you gotta get your prospects to think that way too.

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How to Execute More in Sales Quickly

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

The trick to getting a lot done everyday is simple: Follow the path of least resistance.

For everything you want to do there is an easier way, and a more difficult way. They more difficult way may seem more interesting, more challenging, or just more “perfect”.

The easier way allows you to get a result faster. Results breed confidence and more success. Take the path of least resistance.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. The easiest way to close more sales in 2008 is to get the customer to do most of the work for you. Go here to discover how.

How Do Closers Do It?

There’s a lot of charged energy around the title of Closer.

And me calling it a “title” gives it even more power.

No one can give you this title.

And putting it on your business card won’t make you a closer.

The title of Closer is something you earn.

You earn it by doing it.

When you become so good that your coworkers and managers start calling you a closer, THAT is when you got the title.

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How to Be a More Confident & Optimistic Sales Person

Success comes through focusing on what you want, and taking consistent action to get it.

That said, many times our feelings and emotions get the better of us.

You can direct your feelings to make you more confident and more optimistic, even when everyone around you is a downer.

The way you direct your thoughts and feelings is simple.

Ask yourself a question.

Ask yourself a question that will cause you to think and feel something empowering.

For example…

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