The Problem with Wanting To Be Liked in Sales

Some people get into sales because they "like people".

They are people persons at heart.

How nice.

Turns out though that this can be a limitation to sales success.

People who are real people persons often find that they bend and conform themselves too far in order to satisfy their need for approval.

This need for approval can go so far as to cause fear of making the prospect mad.

And when you are afraid of making your prospect mad, or of not getting his approval, bad things happen to you in sales.

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Are You Holding Onto Crappy Leads Already?

The 1st quarter of 2008 is almost over.

Sales kickoff meetings are done.

Quotas have all been assigned for the year (hopefully).

So how are you doing on building up your pipeline?

Are you proactively contacting lots of new prospects?

Do you have a solid system for networking and finding new leads through current and past customers and business contacts?

Do you have a system of rules in place to qualify and introduce new prospects to your business and into your pipeline?

The thing about sales is that it really is all about you.

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Do Ya Think Eliot Spitzer Asked for a Discount?

Whoo boy, by the time you read this, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer just may be known as former Governor Spitzer, or else the soon-to-be-impeached Governor Spitzer.

In case you been hidin under a rock the last two days, you must know by now that Mr. High-and-Might himself, the Sherriff-o-Wall-Street, is tumbling down from the mountain top by his own hubris and hypocrisy.

Seems he just couldn’t resist sampling the candy.

Turns out Sherriff Spitzer is client number 9 of a high priced international call girl ring known as the Emperor’s Club VIP.

Prices are rumored to be as high as 5500 bux an hour.


Do ya think he got a discount?

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What Would Your Customers Think of Persuasive Selling?

Ever wonder what your customers would think if they knew you studied how to be a better salesman?

What if you told your customers that you took a course called Persuasive Selling Skills, how do you think they would react?

Do you think that they would get mad?

Do you think that they would feel ripped off?


Taken advantage of?

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Stupid Sales Rebuttals

Oh boy, are these lame.

I just read an article from a real old school sales trainer about how to overcome sales objections.

I am in a good mood right now, so I am going to spare the guy the embarrassment and not mention his name.

But here’s what he suggested…

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Do More Sales Calls Make a Better Salesman?

Do more sales calls make you a better salesman?

Does more activity give you more sales?

Well the answer is yes, and the answer is no.

More sales calls *can* bring you more sales.

If you have a systematic method for qualifying your prospects, generating interest and desire, and getting commitments then, yes, more sales calls equals more sales.

If on the other hand, you have a haphazard approach to selling with no firm rules about who you will sell to, and who you will NOT sell to, then making more sales calls will not necessarily give your more sales.

How about becoming a better salesman?

Will more calls make you better?

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Why I Used to Drop My Pants Too Fast

Early on my sales career I became well known for dropping my pants too fast.

Dr. discount, one of the other sales reps called me.

As soon as I had a prospect on the hook and ready to close, I would use a discount, sometimes a big one, to get the deal to close fast.

In other words, I would "drop my pants" anytime I thought it would help me to close a deal.

Hindsight it 20-20.

And in hindsight, I coulda done a lot better.

But hey, I was green and I didn’t know.

I was selling software, and the final decision-makers were pretty experienced businessmen, usually older than me.

And they knew enough in the negotiation to pose as if they didn’t need what I was selling right away. They played as if they could wait a few more months, and they would be fine.

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4 Keys to Successful Sales Negotiations

Negotiating can be one of the highest tension moments in a sale.

Whether it is or not for you depends entirely on your attitude.

Yesterday I negotiated a contract for a new office space.

My wife picked up the contract for me in the morning, and then I sat down to read it before meeting with the property manager.

Uggh. This thing was pages and pages of small boilerplate print, with lots of options and checkboxes.

After spending a considerable chunk of time reading through this thing, I called the property manager and set an appointment for the afternoon to review the agreement and the "questions" that I had.

Most of the doc’ turned out to be fine. Lots and lots of legalese, but most of it was reasonable. There were a few key things though that could have cost me hundreds of dollars had I let them go.

So I didn’t.

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How Good Selling Creates Value

Many sales people hold the mistaken belief that sales people are annoying.

Now it is true that most of the world thinks this way about us.

And it may even be true that many sales people are annoying.

But if *you* hold the belief that sales people are annoying, then you are holding back your own sales potential.

Just because "other" sales people are viewed as annoying, doesn’t mean you are, or have to be.

Sales people who sell badly talk a lot.

They start talking right away, and they try to talk as much as possible.

Sales people that sell badly don’t know what their prospects want.

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How to Trust Yourself & Get More Sales Prospects

One of the keys to successful prospecting is to *not* set any sales goals.

Setting goals is a good practice.

But don’t set a *sales* goal for your prospecting efforts.

There’s a major problem with setting a sales number as the outcome for your prospecting efforts.

And that problem is that the close of the sale is too many steps away from the initial call or appointment.

Yeah, in theory you can backwards plan your numbers from a final sale to number of dials, emails, or letters or other "touches".

But this doesn’t allow for changing conditions in the businesses of your target market, or the economy, or your competition.

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