How to Avoid & Eliminate Discounting

Discounting is a habit.

A bad habit.

I know.

My nickname back at one of my early sales jobs was “Dr. Discount”.

Although it was kinda funny, I wasn’t real proud to have my VP of Sales calling me Dr. Discount.

I got that nickname after dropping my price large amounts repeatedly to close a few deals.

I didn’t really know what I was doing.

But my prospects did.

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How to Stop Sales Prospects From Lying to You

Prospects lie to sales people.


I mean everyone accuses us sales people as being the liars.

Most sales people I know and have known are honest, ethical and strive to do well by all their customers.

And yet we are the scumbags of business?

No, you and I know that we are not, but years and years of social conditioning have passed down and reinforced the belief among millions of people that anyone who “sells” is a scummy liar, or suspect of being so at best.

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Sell More When You Think This Way

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…

You make more sales, perform better in business, and enjoy life more when you act with positive expectations. This doesn’t mean telling yourself to be happy when you are not. Focusing on what you want and then create and hold this vision in your mind will strongly to dim out and push away any fear or doubt you might have had. All results are created first by your thoughts and second by your actions.”

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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A Powerful Lesson in Sales Negotiation

This story is one you need to watch if you want to improve your negotiating skills.

Last Saturday Microsoft walked away from it’s bid to takeover Yahoo.

At first look, it might seem that this story is over.

Microsoft tried to get Yahoo to do a “friendly” merger, but Yahoo wouldn’t go for it, claiming that they were worth more than what Microsoft was bidding.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, had threatened to do a hostile takeover if Yahoo didn’t agree to a friendly merger.

But now Steve has withdrawn Microsoft’s bid.

No hostile takeover.

What gives?

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Don’t Let Sales Pressure Grind You Down

Got this email the other day from a customer who is ready to quit selling…


In my field, I have seen majority of people succeed by making false commitments & duping clients & because of this I am losing faith in this career.

I am stuck in a situation wherein my client is always in control & position of power because my organization wants to make revenue every month without appreciating the market conditions, even if that involves lying or selling sub standard products to the clients.

On top of that, it is increasingly becoming difficult for me to prove the value add to my prospects as my product proposition has become commoditized & a huge army of untrained "advisors" is pampering my target market with free information.

I had developed a lot of liking for sales after reading your newsletter but I think I will have to leave this wonderful field because of my inability to solve my problems."

Shantanu Bhargava
New Delhi, India

Success in selling depends largely on your mental attitude.

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Be Yerself & Sell More

Some years ago I sold some really boring stuff.

I sold accounting software.


I aint no accountant. I am not a bookkeeper. And I am not an HR person.

But I sold software to these people to help automate their work and make their jobs easier.

The stuff worked. It worked quite well in fact.

And there was good money in selling this stuff too.

But ooohhhh was it boring.

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Speed Up Your Sales or Get Passed By

Here’s my Sales Thought for the Week…


At any moment you are either moving forward or you are moving backwards. There really is not maintaining, no standing still. Things are either getting better or they are getting worse.

What are you doing right now to move your sales, your business, and yourself forward this day, this minute, this moment?"

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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Are Top Sales Reps Arrogant?

Are Top Sales Reps arrogant?

The short answer is "It depends".

It depends on who’s answering the question.

If you ask this of the satisfied customers of the Top Sales Rep, the answer will probably be No. His customers most certainly like and respect him.

One thing that Top Sales Reps figure out how to do is to talk and think like their target market. They are able to talk, think, dress, and act like the decision-makers that they sell to.

What do you call someone who talks, thinks, dresses, and acts somewhat like you?

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“Desperate Times” Calls for the Shameless Sales Attack

I got this email from England the other day with an instructive lesson in it for you and your selling. See if you can spot the key insight…

I purchased your CD’s and have been listening to them on and off for about a year now, but like an old dog I carried on selling my way as I was doing OK.

But then things turned a little bit hard a few months ago – same as in the USA we had a economic down turn here in England and I was hitting my head on any wall I could find.

And so it was time to restructure the marketing and the sales.  I thought, what’s the worst that could happen? That we only sell the same as we are now? Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

2 months into the new Shamus style sales attack and we are selling at nearly 100%. Your system saves energy, less petrol wasted traveling helping us to decrease our carbon footprint (which is political bullshit) and more personal energy to give to clients that can say yes.

Personally I feel much more positive talking to clients that can say yes. Keep up the good work and more EGOPOWER to you!"

-Phil M., England

Did you spot it?

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How to Deal in Sales with a Business Downturn

I don’t know if we are in a recession or not.

And frankly, I don’t really think about it much.

But I know a lot of other people do.

Particularly because the media loves to talk about problems. And recession talk has been lively problem in the "news" lately.

Here’s an interesting fact I want to share with you.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, when things were at there worst with thousands of people out of work, homeless people living in tent cities, and soup lines in major cities, can you guess how many people were still employed?

About 75%.

That’s right the vast majority of all people were still employed.

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