How to Earn the Right to Sell

Just because you are a sales professional, doesn’t mean you have the right to sell.

Your position, your job is not enough.

The right to sell has to be earned from each prospect.

Too many eager sales people don’t know this simple rule.

Some sales people get lucky. They get lucky with their first sales job and they start out selling a hot product in a hot market.

When you sell a hot product in a hot market, there is very little selling you need to do.

The man who sells a hot product usually need do little more than show up.

Thing is though that hot products and hot markets eventually cool off.

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Adapt Your Killer Sales Instinct

I got told I was very “New York” yesterday.

I take it as a complement, because it was.

The guy who told me I was very New York hasn’t met me though.

Most people who meet me in person, don’t think I am from New York.

I come across as a pretty laid back California dude for the most part.

That can change as I need to when I sell though.

Everyday you run into new people in sales. That’s your job.

And you gotta adapt.

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How to Piss People Off & Get More Customers

I am recovered coffee addict.

Mentally I still love coffee, even though I don’t drink it any more.

So I really appreciated this story that I came across the other day that I am about to share with you.

A guy goes into a coffee shop in near Washington DC. Guy tries to order an iced espresso, and is told he can’t have one because it’s against store policy to serve espresso over ice.

Pissed off, guy orders an espresso and a cup of ice, and proceeds to pour espresso over cup of ice. Flabbergasted barista says that’s really “not okay”.

Guy orders a second coffee drink from the store, and leaves a dollar tip with a profane message penned on the face of the bill with a Sharpy.

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The Most Dangerous Kind of Prospect

A prospect who knows what he wants can be a dangerous thing.

The best prospects are not the ones who know what they want.

The best prospects are those who haven’t yet figured out what they want.

Or maybe even better than that are the prospects that either aren’t aware that they have a problem yet or think that that there is no solution to a problem that they do have.

Prospects who do know what they want are dangerous because they think that they don’t need your help.

They want to boss you around.

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Why You Can’t Sell Like A Puss

A huge part of succeeding in sales is winning the games in your head.

You have to value yourself highly as a salesman.

You can’t hold back like a puss out of fear of offending people.

This Monday I got an email from guy who sells mondo scissor lifts for maintenance work on planes and stuff. Greg Miller clearly understands why and how you must value yourself in sales.

Read what Greg has to say here as he’s got some valuable insight…

Scissor Lift for Aircraft MaintenanceMy customers should expect to pay for my expertise. I sell aerial lift equipment and custom aviation maintenance stands. Some of my lifts go up to 135’ in the air and weighs over 44,000 lbs. My aircraft stands are tailored to fit USAF and commercial planes. If I don’t look at their application and make a recommendation based on my knowledge the customer at best could tear up a facility or damage a plane or at the worst, get someone killed. Just getting them the right lift for the application will save them more in money, time and safety than the extra I would charge them. So I am not ashamed to tell them that I am good and that I truly do have their best interests at heart.

One quick example is a school district that I had done a lot of business with over the years. The electrical foreman wanted to by a self-propelled scissor lift to change lights in their gyms. Having done business with school districts all over north Texas I knew that it was too heavy for his suspended wood floors. My competition told him that it would work fine and he wanted a “price” from me. I told him that I wouldn’t let him make an expensive mistake and refused to quote him. He ended up buying it from one of my peddler competitors. The day after he took delivery of the lift he called me and told me I was right. They had only driven it about 10’ into a gym and it broke through the floor. They had to have a tow truck winch the lift out of the gym! At that point he had a useless $20,000 lift and about $30,000 in repairs!

So you are right about compensation for sales reps. If you want steak over pig’s feet you have to be willing to pay for it!

-Greg Miller, United Rentals Aerial Equipment

If there ever was a useful meaning to “serve the customer”, this is it. Tell people what they need to hear (not just what they want to hear), and demand to be well comp’d for it.

Stand tall for the value you offer. Get commitments for the “free advice”, information, and resources that you deliver during the act of selling. And don’t be a doormat.

When you help people by showing them the consequences of inaction, or of going with a lame competitor’s recommendation, you can save them tons of buckaroos, and perhaps even someone’s life!

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Giving people the “harsh reality” of why they need solve their problem by purchasing with you immediately is one of the most powerful sales strategies that you will find in the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. Get yours now.

Sales Question – “Why Don’t You Just Buy Nothing At All?”

Whenever I am working a new prospect who already has an idea that they want something like what I am selling, I ask a lot of questions about what they think they want.

I ask to find out if what they want fits what I am selling.

I also want to know how strong their motivation to buy is.

One question I like to ask after I got them used to answering my questions is…

Why not just do nothing?

And I’ll continue to stack this question with a couple more…

Why buy anything at all? Why not just keep things the way they are?

This flushes out the reason for buying and how strong that reason is.

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Last Night Bush Stimulated Me!

Last night I got stimulated.

It happened when I opened my mail.

I opened a letter from the IRS.

And it told me that my Economic Stimulus Payment was coming soon (I guess this technically means that it was “premature stimulation” on my part).



Oh boy.

Nine hundert buckaroos.


Now my big dilemma. What to do with the whopping free dollaroos that the polerticians in Warshington gave me so that I would reelect them this year?

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Specific Questions Would’ve Prevented This…

I like to get deals done as quickly as possible.

And with no surprises.

Cause when you get surprised, you are no longer in control.

Yesterday, I was out giving some beer coaching* to a friend who is negotiating right now for some new restaurant space.

(*Note: beer coaching = coaching on any topic done while drinking a beer, usually in a bar)

He is in the 11th hour and thought he was going to sign an agreement yesterday.

Turns out the stuck a pretty big clause in the contract that once he read it, wasn’t what he thought or expected.

It surprised him.

Made him feel out of control.

And ultimately it slowed the deal down.

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Prospects in Sales Denial


Most prospects are in denial.

And most prospects stay in denial, until they can stand it no longer.

Getting your prospect out of denial is your job when selling.

Prospects are in denial about the problems they have that they need to solve.

Everybody’s got problems. Or maybe I should say everybody’s got “needs”.

Your prospects are in denial about their problems because denial is a “useful” coping tool for most people to deal with the overwhelm of everything they have to do on their to-do lists.

Tune-out your problems, and it’s easier to cope and get through the day.

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He Took the Deal Away, But Now He’s Back

Looks like ol Shameless Shamus was right.

Steve Ballmer is back trying to buy Yahoo again.

And he said that a deal with Yahoo was over – yeah right.

I tell you about this because like I first wrote about on May 6th – A Powerful Lesson in Sales Negotiation – this is a high power negotiation going on here. And it is continuing even after the lead party (i.e. Microsoft) in the negotiation said they were done.

This is classic takeaway negotiation.

Often when you pursue too hard, your prey just figures out how to getaway faster.

So now Ballmer and Microsoft are back after Yahoo. And this time they want “just the search business”.

I think Steve’s pullback play exposed Yahoo’s weaknesses a little more, and has made this new bid more likely too succeed.

What do you think?

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Most sales people never get to the point where they’ve got the guts and the mental know-how to consciously take the sale away from their prospect in order to close the deal. Are you ready to discover this for yourself? Go here now if you think you are.