(Warning – I’m going to lose a few readers over this post…)

A salesman losing a deal is kinda like an animal caught by a steel jawed trap crushing its leg.

It screams in pain.

It kicks to get free.

And in some cases it will even chew it’s leg off to get away.

A salesman losing a deal is a depressing sight.

And when you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot while it’s happening.

Right now you can watch a salesman losing the 2nd biggest sale of his life.

But you can only watch this show for the next 8 days.

Because right now, the President of the United States is losing the election.

Just like a desperate animal caught in a trap, he is doing anything he can to regain the lead before the election next Tuesday.

From what I read, the Obama campaign message is constantly shifting, casting about, looking for something that will gain traction in these last few days of the race.

One article I read was by veteran speechwriter Andrew Ferguson, in The Weekly Standard, where he recounted how Obama is now trying out a campaign message that is exactly the same as one President George H.W. Bush had tried late in his losing 1992 campaign….

“There‚Äôs no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust,” President Obama said. “Trust matters!”

Silly argument.

Silly because it lacks any true positive case for the man making it.

Telling people to trust you more, is really just saying that you can’t trust the other guy.

And when you are attacking the other guy at the end of the sale, it really shows that you have no positive, benefit-oriented message that your buyer has bit on.

It shows you haven’t connected with the buyer.

At the end of the sale, you should be getting lots of buying signals if you are winning.

You don’t have to ask people to trust you when you are winning.

I know.

I’ve lost my share of deals.

And at the end, right before you lose, you start to feel it.

You feel the lack of connection with the buyer.

You feel that the buyer has pulled away from you.

And that desperate animal in you just wants to rip your competitor to shreds, claw by claw, because you’ve got nothing to lose.

Yes, I’ve been tempted to drop every bit of dirt I knew about my competition when I felt sure I was losing a deal.

I’ve wanted to tell the customer every reason why they company they were going to buy from sucked.

And when I was actually told that I had lost, I just wanted to discount the crap outta the price in a desperate bid to try and win back the customer (or at least make the other guy lower his price to keep the win).


That’s what losing looks like.

Enjoy the show for the next 8 days.

And remember…

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown